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January 13, 2015

Strides in Reading!

I don't precisely remember learning to read.

I remember not being able to read, and I remember an adult saying, "You can't even read that?"  (I was FIVE!)

I remember learning certain letter combinations in first grade.  And I remember being incredibly proud for sounding out and spelling the word "clown" for one of my classmates.

Everything turned out OK for me in the end.  ;)  I was a big reader throughout my growing up years, and -- as I discovered during the girls' infancy -- I just don't feel like "me" if I don't have at least one book on my nightstand.

My girls are reading.  They have been reading since shortly after school started.  And it's such an awesome thing.

Tonight, though, I saw my Baby A read completely new text with such incredible ease.  She needed a tiny bit of help on a couple of words, but she was otherwise reading so fluently!

It was beautiful to watch...and beautiful to see how PROUD she is of herself, too!

No flash = blurry picture...but look at that JOY!!!

For the first time, she brought home a chapter book for homework.  The teacher sent a note that this book was to replace the weekly book she read TWICE last night.  "She's flying!" the note said.

She instructed A to read one chapter a night.

Baby A read her chapter to Daddy after school.  Before bed, she asked if she could read another chapter to me.  And she was pretty disappointed I wouldn't let her read a third chapter after that...but it was already past her bedtime.

My Dearest Baby A,

May this be the first of many decades to come of you wanting to stay up past your bedtime reading.

With love and hugs, 


Mandy said...

A & E are peas in a pod! I love that they love reading. I still find myself amazed when they read things I think are beyond them. I need to stop doubting them!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I'm afraid I'd turn a blind eye to bedtimes for reading... anyday ;)

sorry, I'm being naughty!

Anna said...

How wonderful! Reading is such a magical gift, no?!