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January 22, 2015

Little Girls and Kittens

“Every little girl should have a cat,” my great aunt has told me several times.  I couldn’t agree more.

Since we lost our sweet Sasha in January last year (proceeded by her brother Misha, in April 2010), we’ve been talking about getting kittens.

We agreed we needed to get some things squared away in the house (part of the kitchen floor had to be refinished) before we wanted to invite new babies into the mix.  The floor was {FINALLY} finished in mid-November, and we made quick plans to adopt two kittens over the holidays.

[The kitties were not to be Christmas presents, but we’d all be mostly home for two weeks, so we thought that would be a great time to acclimate new kittens.]

The middle of December, I called the Humane Society and got our paperwork taken care of.  As much as we wanted the girls to pick out their kittens, the lady I spoke with advised I might come in the week prior to Christmas to get an idea.  She said they actually “run low” of kittens and puppies at Christmastime!

A week before Christmas, I went to the shelter on my lunch hour.  They had four tiny kittens – exactly what I’d envisioned – but they were pretty skittish.  I asked if they had any other babies, and they directed me to the “cat room” in the next building.  I walked in and introduced myself to the lady there.  I told her I was looking for two kittens, ideally a sibling set.  “Oh, you have to meet these twin boys we have!” she told me.

I’ll take them! I felt like saying.  Sight unseen.

I got to spend some time in a room with “Bubbles” and “Julian”.  They were bigger and older than what I had in mind.  (The shelter estimated them at 3 months, but I figured they had to be at least 4 months old.)  But…they were SO SWEET!!!

They were incredibly affectionate and agile.  I bent down to speak to one, and the other literally jumped up on my back!  One made himself at home on my coat!

I fell in love.  How I hated to leave those babies when it was time to go back to work!!!  I put my name on their cage and told them Mommy would be back soon.

I’ll say that Hubby wasn’t 100% sold when I told him about the twin boys I’d met…they’re bigger and older than what we were thinking…and they’re solid black…but they are AMAZING.  He agreed to go to the shelter with an open mind, but he asked if we were obligated to those particular cats.  No…but just wait, I told him.

We named the kitties Miki and Alex, and the girls were beside themselves when we went to pick them up.  Hubby fell in love right away, too (as I knew he would).

There have been a million precious moments in the month we’ve had these babies.  The highlight is seeing the girls “mother” them. 

“Good job, Miki!  You’re such a smart boy!”

“Come on, Alex!  You can do it!”

“Do you want me to get your toy?  Come on, Sweet Boy.”

Yes, every little girl should have a cat...or two.

Alex and A, the first day home.

Miki and B, the first day home.
Christmas morning, giving the boys their stockings.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Now you know I'm not a cat person (AT ALL!) but I will say that those kittens are gorgeous, and I love their twinness too :)


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I'm a little jealous. I always had cats (and dogs, rabbits, ferrets, etc) as a child. Adam is allergic, so no kitties for my little girls. Your little guys are beautiful!

Mrs FF said...

How adorable!! Hope the kittens are growing nicely