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February 1, 2015

SIXTH Birthday Party!!!

January birthdays are hard.  We don't have many indoor play spaces in our town, and the indoor-outdoor places we love (like the orchard and the dairy barn) are closed this time of year.  I've toyed with the idea of taking my chances on a party in the park...but we've had to reschedule the girls' party at least twice because of snow, so that seems like I'd really be pressing my luck.

I've been kicking around the idea of a pizza party of some sort, inspired by a Curious George story.  (He's a big source of inspiration for us, no doubt!)  When I landed on one of our favorite restaurants -- one that makes excellent pizza, to boot! -- I fell in love with the idea of a Pizza Chef Party.

Pepperoni, olives, dough and cheese
Come help us celebrate, won't you please?

The girls knew they were having a party on Saturday, the 17th, but they had no idea what or where.  I waited until about an hour before showtime to tell them.  They squealed with excitement!

We all headed out together, and Daddy and the girls dropped me off to get the decorations in place.  We were very thankful that Miss Jenny could join us, too.  She captured tons of great pictures!

It wouldn't be a party without a party banner!

The table was set...aprons, chef's hats, and plenty of wipes!

The girls, checking out their invitation on the door!

Birthday party family picture!

The Birthday Girls!!!

Hugs for Miss Jenny!
When the guests started to arrive, they picked out an apron...
J was the first guest to arrive.  She's such a sweet friend from preschool.
 ...and started decorating their chef's hats.
Working hard!
 Building on the "Italian" theme, the kiddos had mustache straws.  Hee hee!

Guido was in the house!
 After all the aprons were adorned and the hats decorated, it was time for a tour of the pizza kitchen!

All the chefs lined up together!

Checking out the pizza oven!
 And then each kiddo got a turn to put their pizza dough in the flour and run it through the press.

Baby B!

Baby A!
Once the dough was ready, the kiddos put on gloves (which was an activity in itself) and decorated their pizzas!

While the pizzas were cooking, we played a rousing game of Pizza BINGO!

At last, it was time to eat!  I was amazed that most of the kids ate their ENTIRE pizzas!

Baby B with a mouthful!
Finally, the yummiest snickerdoodle pie was served, and we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY, first to Baby A...

...and then to Baby B!

What a fun party!  Full of friends and food...and relatively limited mess!  :) :)


What a perfect way to celebrate SIX for A&B!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

as always I love your themes!!!

I want to do a baking party one day but only when they start having individual girl/ boy parties, because I can handle maximum 6 in my kitchen :)

we have a great party this year (I will email you so the JHB people reading don't see :) :))

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

Looks like it was so much fun!

Mandy said...

How awesome!