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June 8, 2016

Way Back When-esday: Car Seats!!!

A couple of days ago I shared a picture of the girls in their original car seats, taking one last stretch.  (We just installed new seats this weekend.)

(They thought it was hilarious to "relax" on the driveway!)

I am not sure what prompted me on Monday to rifle through pictures from June 2010...SIX YEARS AGO...but I happened up this little jewel.

(Obviously this was before they smiled somewhat reliably on command...HA!)

We were heading to a local Australian-themed zoo, and I snapped a picture while the Hubs was pumping gas.  Look at those yummy little legs!!!  And those bubble suits were the cutest!!!

My discovery of this picture came just days before Cheryl's Way Back I knew it was kismet for me to share.  :)  You *may* know I c.a.n.n.o.t. resist a good comparison picture!!!

[And I just gasped thinking ahead 20 years...imagine what kind of fun the girls could have recreating pictures from their childhood when they're adults!  Squee!!!]

{Dear A and B: If you're reading this in 2036, please know that would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift!}



cat said...

How cute were they? And how much have they grown!

Mrs FF said...

Love love love love... Such cuties... Talking about car seats we finally turned K's seat last week :(