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June 6, 2016

Farewell, Old Friend

We said goodbye to a faithful friend this weekend... we purchased when the girls were not quite 10 months old, and began using when they were about 15 months.

One that has seen us through a few leaky diapers and potty training... spilled hot chocolate.

One that made trips as far east as North Carolina, as far west as St. Louis... far north as Chicago, as far south as New Orleans.

One that kept them safely rear-facing until they were more than four (and I'm still pretty proud of that!)...

...and witnessed the AWE of four-year olds viewing the front of the car for the first time.

One that saw us through the first day of preschool, to preschool graduation... the first day of kindergarten, to the end of first grade.

But the time has come to retire these jewels.

So farewell, Faithful Friends.  We thank you for your valiant service!


We found convertible seats that should last us the duration, ones that will still allow 5-point harnesses until the girls are 57" and/or 65 pounds.  Score!!!  After their first ride, the girls complained that they weren't sitting up as high and that the seats felt "weird".  I guess so...a change after 6 years is a shock to one's system!

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Mrs FF said...

Bitter sweet moment!!! whixh seat did they use until now? And which convertible seat did you get? Hope they are used to the change now?

I had grand intentions to rear face K till
She was 3/4 but at 2 years and 7 months she reached the maximum weight and age for rear facing in her car seat (sob sob) and like you I'm proud I kept her rear facing for so long because around here the longest most people rear face is 9 months. Kids start facing forward as early as six months (shock horror) . We also got an all in one seat and she should be able to use the 5 point harness until 65 pounds I think