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June 11, 2016

A Long List!

It’s summer.  At our house, among many other things, that means:

-          It’s hot.
-          Our eating is a little more fluid (particularly as Hubby takes the girls out to lunch more often than he probably should!).
-          Bedtime is still a thing…but a 30-minute swing won’t bother me.

On Friday morning, I offered that Hubby could take the girls out for lunch and I’d make a light supper when I got home.  Hubby was all about that, and I began to look forward to some tuna salad for dinner.

Mid-afternoon it looked like I was going to get out of work in a timely fashion, and I decided that I’d invite the girls to help me in the kitchen.  They were THRILLED with the invitation.

I told them they could help me make tuna salad, AND that we could make a blueberry cobbler for dessert (having just picked our first batch of fresh blueberries the night before!).  The girls’ eyes were wide with excitement, especially with blueberry cobbler as their prize.

I didn’t quite intend for the girls’ work to be so extensive, but they did such a great job, I kept finding more and more for them to do!

For supper, they:

-          Peeled seven boiled eggs without ripping into the white.
-          Cut the eggs into pieces (KNIFE PRACTICE!!!).
-          Raked their eggs into the mixing bowls – by that time we’d decided to make tuna salad AND pea salad.
-          Got the tuna out of the pantry and tried to use the can opener.  (This didn’t go so well!)
-          Got the peas out of the freezer, cut open the bag, and put them in a bowl to cook in the microwave.
-          Got the pickle relish, mayo, and cheese (for the pea salad) out of the refrigerator.
-          Scooped out pickle relish.  (And then sampled the pickle relish.)
-          Mixed up the salads without squishing the eggs.
-          Tore Romaine lettuce (from our garden!!!) into bite-size pieces.
-          Pulled the stems from the mushrooms.
-          Meticulously placed tomatoes and sliced mushrooms on each salad.

For dessert they:

-          Cut the butter and put the pan in the over for the butter to melt.  (This was the first time someone set a pan in the oven.  It made me nervous, but no arms were burned.)
-          Measured the sugar (measuring the flour is still a mommy’s job at our house…don’t want it to be packed!).
-          Whisked the dry ingredients without losing any to the counter.
-          Cheered for a sprinkle of cinnamon in the batter.
-          Meticulously placed the blueberries on top of the batter, being careful not to burn themselves on the hot pan.

Sure, making supper took a little longer with all three of us than it would have taken me alone…but the girls did such a great job!!!  And they were so proud to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of their labors!!!

B, making peanut butter cookies with me last weekend.  FUN!!!

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