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June 26, 2016

Look, Mom...No Wheels! training wheels, that is!

It's been incredibly hot here the past couple of weeks, so I haven't gotten to see the girls ride their bikes very often.  Friday afternoon, we all decided to brave the elements when I got home from work.

The girls were ZIPPING up and down and back and forth...getting onto their bikes by themselves...stopping with precision...and making only one or two [unplanned] trips into the grass.

Baby A is quite the "leaner".  It almost makes me a little nervous...but she seems to have the hang of it!

And I love this picture of B.  She was showing off her excitement (and being a bit daredevil-ish) as she headed straight for Mommy.

I'm so proud of these girlies!  Next step...taking it to the streets!  The big hill in front of our house (relatively speaking...when your seven-year old is riding a bike...) makes me nervous, but I know the girls will be fine through the neighborhood.  That's one we might have to do individually, though.  I don't know that my nerves can take keeping up with two of them just yet.  Baby steps (for me!)!

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Mrs FF said...

A big milestone.... Go A and B