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June 10, 2016

A Milestone for the Girls AND the Hubby!

I came home Tuesday night to my hubby standing in the driveway.  I couldn’t see the girls, though, which was unusual.  Typically they’re jumping up and down to greet me when I get home (which is all kinds of adorable).

As I was getting out of the car, it caught my eye…

…the girls’ bikes…SANS TRAINING WHEELS…by the garage.

I truly couldn’t believe it.

The girls came running up to me, helmets on, ready to show me what they could do.

Hubby helped B push off on her bike, and then he shuffled right behind her to make sure she maintained her balance.  They made several loops up and down the driveway.

She was doing it!!!

Baby A waited {mostly} patiently for her turn.  She was doing it, too!!!

I grabbed the camera to make some pictures.  I tried not to distract the girls…but they were so proud of themselves, I think they wanted to smile at me…which resulted in some big swerves here and there!

Then I took a turn running behind the girls.  The funny thing was the coaching that Hubby kept giving to ME.  “You should be to her left!  She’s used to me being on her left!”  Hahaha!

We celebrated the girls’ accomplishment after supper with their second-ever banana split.  They were tickled!

By Night #2, the girls were riding by themselves (still with a little help getting started).  Their confidence was no-doubt aided by the bright pink elbow and knee pads Hubby got them that day.

I am so proud of the girls, and I love seeing the pride on their faces.

And as proud as I am of the girls, I am also so very proud of my husband.  He’s very, very protective of the girls.  He absolutely cannot stand the thought of them getting so much as a scrape.  To see him running (in a not-so-relaxed fashion most of the time!) just behind the girls…it made my heart swell even bigger.

What a milestone for all THREE of my loves!!!

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Mrs FF said...

Wow, a huge milestone... I might have to come for some riding lessons :)