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February 16, 2016

My Snowy Valentines

The girls have a book called Snowy Valentine.  How many times have I thought about that title over the past few days??!!!

We had an unexpected snow day last Tuesday.  It was a big, white, slushy mess outside…not enough for me to work from home, but plenty that school was cancelled.

The forecast called for more snow on Friday.  That was the day of the girls’ Valentine’s party at school, and we were all hoping the weatherman was wrong.

No such luck.

The girls were a little bit disappointed, but they took it mostly in stride.  They agreed they could wait until Monday to exchange goodies with their friends.

And then on Sunday -- Valentine's Day -- we had our MoMs group Valentine’s party scheduled.


…the forecast called for snow again.

We postponed the party on Sunday morning, seeing the snow would come to fruition.

My friend D, whose twin boys are the girls’ BFFs, asked if we wanted to come over for a play date.  We thought the snow would start mid-afternoon, so we planned to slip in some heart-shaped goodies and crafts, just the few of us.

The girls were ecstatic when I told them about the play date.  “That’s even better!” B exclaimed, so happy to see her friends two-on-two.


…the snow came in earlier than expected.

We cancelled our play date.

Seriously.  Our poor girls were 0-for-3 in Valentine’s parties.

While we may have lost out on our original (and then makeshift) plans, it was actually a huge blessing that the snow came early.  We headed out as a family for some awesome sledding!

The snow was powdery…not good for snowballs or snowmen…but deep enough that we had a blast!
After we established our run down the hill (and Mommy got in a couple of trips), I headed back to the house for my camera.  It was a Valentine’s Day to remember, for sure!

Trudging up the steep hill!

Daddy and his B!

Daddy and his A!

Thumbs up after a great run!

B, zooming fast!

B's thumbs up!

Such a satisfying afternoon!
The Snowy Valentine book will no doubt have more meaning for us when we read it in years to come.  L-O-V-E!!!

(The girls were out of school AGAIN on Monday, but headed back today for a belated party.  I was able to slip away from work and join them for a bit.  They were just as excited on Tuesday as they would have been on Friday…seeing their friends after a FOUR-day weekend AND extending their holiday celebration.  Woo hoo!)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE THESE PICS. The girls and J look amazing against the snow :)

cat said...

What a lovely Valentines day - love the beautiful pictures

Mrs FF said...

Such beautiful pictures... It's all about making the best of the situation especially in this case where it is beyond your control!!