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February 23, 2016

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

We don’t usually do much in the way of Valentine’s presents…we try to focus on a fun family day with crafts and a yummy meal.  In years’ past I’ve given them a little book, or some fun new socks.

This year I decided to treat the girls to their first [miniature] chocolate sampler.  I bought a little heart-shaped box of chocolates for each of them.  There were five pieces inside.  They were thrilled.

For the past few days, the girls have chosen one piece of chocolate after supper.  Baby A chose a chocolate covered cherry the first night.  B observed, and – instead of following suit --  she said she would save her chocolate covered cherry for last, since that is her favorite.

The next three occasions, the girls discussed their choices and picked the same piece from their boxes.

The last night, Baby A got to her box before B.  She popped that final piece of chocolate in her mouth…and made a surprised face.

My poor kiddo learned a tough lesson about a box of chocolates...and maybe about life…it’s not always possible to save your favorite for last.

Hee hee!

It’s a candy inside a candy!” she puzzled.  Poor A landed upon a cream-filled chocolate.  I’m with her on the ICK.  I felt sorry for her, so I told her she could have one piece of candy from her school Valentine’s haul.  She chose a Starburst…and then made a big face after eating that.  “It’s cherry!  It tastes like medicine!”  (We've had more than our share of cough medicine these past few weeks.  That must have hit too close to home.)

Hee hee, again!

I think my A is done with eating candy for a while.

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