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February 6, 2016

Bless It...

Our sweet Baby A is fascinated by weather.  She loves reading books about earthquakes and storms...but apparently she's managed to scare herself.

We were expecting severe weather on Tuesday night, and this is what she journaled -- of her own accord -- that afternoon:

I am scared of earthqwakes and tornatos and thunderstorm because of lightning it scares me because I am afraid it is going to strike me and that was why I am scared of thunderstorms and I am scared of tornatos because I am afraid it will wipe our house up and I am scared of earthqwakes because I am afraid it will brake the windows and wipe my bed out of the window when I am asleep.

When we built our house a couple of years ago, we talked about the main reason being so we would have a basement.  We reinforce with the girls that it's Mommy and Daddy's job to keep abreast of the weather.  If there is any danger, we'll simply go hang out in the basement...not a big deal.

I appreciate that A has a healthy "respect" for the power of weather...but it breaks my heart a little bit to see her thoughts on paper.

Bless this baby girl!!!

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