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February 7, 2016

Party Like Dinosaurs!!!

We had the girls' SEVENTH birthday party the weekend after their actual birthday.  (I may be a little late with this blog post, but we were a bit early with their party, at least to how we've done things the past couple of years.  And thank goodness we didn't have snow!)

We had the party at an awesome indoor gym.  The lounge area is beautiful, the equipment is shiny and new, and the parents have free access to the play area, too.  It was perfect!!!

(The only non-perfect thing is that we only had the facility for 2 hours, including set-up.  That was plenty of time for the party, but my decorating had to happen in a hurry.  I am reminded of that now, as I don't have quite as many pictures I typically do.)

The party itself wasn't a surprise for the girls, but the decorations were.  And I had so much fun with them!

ROAR!  Dino Dirt =  pudding + Oreos with a tiny dinosaur plodding through it.

Chex Mix...fresh fruit...and white chocolate covered pretzels...yum!
 The girls loved seeing themselves as dinosaurs!

"Hope you had a DINO-mite time!" written on our dino flyers (which are some kind of fun!).
 And I thought it was so cute that the girls asked on their birthday, "Mommy, are you going to have our pictures from every year?"  I hadn't originally planned to, but it was very sweet to me to see how they value that.  And it's pretty incredible to see how they change year by year!

The kiddos ran and jumped and played...everybody had a blast!  The only "activity" I had planned was a dinosaur obstacle course.  The kiddos donned dinosaur masks and had to get their eggs to a nest.

Here's A...looking at this picture, I have to wonder if she could see!
And after the course, I got a cute group picture.

The kids were ROAR-ing!
After lots of PLAY, it was time for Happy Birthday...twice, of course!

Four thumbs up!
  And then we PLAYED some more!

One of the highlights of the party was that A's teacher stopped by for a few minutes!  Baby A really wanted to invite her.  I told A she could tell her teacher about the party...but that teachers are busy with their own families on the weekends (as Daddy is with us), so I didn't think she'd be able to come.  I was so surprised to see her there!  It made A's entire month, for sure!

I may not have gotten all the pictures I wanted, but I did think to ask a girlfriend to take a family shot.

It was a great celebration of our SEVEN-year olds!!!

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cat said...

Oh wow, what a great party! I think your decorations looked great