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July 18, 2015

Swim Lessons (and Daddy)

I signed the girls up for swim lessons again this year, again with Ms. J.  We just love her, and the girls have learned so much.  It’s hard to believe this is our THIRD summer with her!

I was a little hesitant (and a little heartbroken), knowing that Daddy would be taking them instead of me.  This has been part of our summer routine for quite a while now, and I would be so sad to miss it.  And…I wasn’t sure how much Hubby would *love* the application of sunscreen, the navigating of wet bathing suits, and the piles of wet laundry.

I left work early to accompany Daddy and the girls to their first lesson.  It was so wonderful to see Ms. J, and to see the girls take right back to the water!  I talked Hubby through what I was doing with sunscreen and changing out of suits after the lesson.  He didn’t seem thrilled, exactly, but he was compliant.  [It helps that the girls can shower themselves at home.  At least that's one load off from years' past.]

I got to go to the girls’ fifth lesson, last Saturday, and I was pretty impressed to see their progress!  They were doing so well!  (And I was pretty impressed, too, with how well Hubby was doing!)

Baby A, mid- back stroke.
Baby B, coming to the side.

High five for Ms. J!

It’s been a great set of 10 lessons.  The girls have progressed further than ever before, and they’re really enjoying themselves, exuding confidence in the water.

What’s been equally as great for me is to see all this through J’s eyes.  He’s been excited to report to me each afternoon how the lesson went…not just an obligatory update in front of the girls, but oftentimes something that he comes back to after they’ve gone to bed.

B had an incredible lesson,” he told me last night.  “She just glides through the water.  She never looks the least bit in distress.  Ms. J says she’s a natural.”

And of A, he mused, “She’s so fast!  Ms. J had to jump out of her way a couple of times!  And you wouldn’t believe the big smile she has on her face the whole lesson.”

Actually…I would believe it…but I’m so glad he’s seeing it, too.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of enrolling my daughter in swimming lessons, shes nearly 4 but is swimming wonderfully with arm bands its just getting her the confidence to try without them. #twinklytuesday

Caro Davies said...

Aaah so lovely — it's just lovely seeing little ones enjoying — and being confident — in the water isn't it? Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — p§lease you could add our badge to the bottom of your post? Thanks!

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