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July 6, 2015

Happy HALF Birthday, A&B!!!

We celebrated the girls' HALF birthday's so hard to believe they are 6 1/2...halfway to SEVEN.  Wowza.

I love this fun little tradition so much!  Especially since the girls' {full} birthday is so close to the holidays, it's really nice to relax and spend a fun day of celebration together, just enjoying the time.

We kicked off the day with homemade pancakes and blueberry syrup.  The girls can pack that away!  And then they settled in for some reading.

We read to them, and they read to us.  Such a sweet pleasure!  I'm working with the girls to use more inflection when they read.  Baby B does a pretty rousing rendition most times, but A has some work to do.  (She has a tendency to read too fast if she's not careful.)  It's too funny to listen to them sometimes!!!

Mid-morning, we loaded up for Mammoth Cave National Park.  We've hiked around there a few times, and I'd been wanting to take the girls on a cave tour.  I finally felt like they were old enough, and this made for a really special treat.

Waiting on the tour to start...I love their apprehension and how they snuggled next to each other!!!

The steep entrance to the cave!

The most decent picture I got inside the cave...I propped on a railing to steady myself, but the shutter was open FOREVER.

A few pics after the tour...B decided to be silly!

Sweet BIG girls!

I made Hubby stop the car to take this.  He wasn't thrilled.  HA!

We enjoyed an abbreviated quiet time when we got home, and then the girls anxiously watched me ice their cake.  (They got samples along the way, of course!)

I made one of their favorite suppers -- shrimp scampi -- and then it was Cake Time.

We sang "Happy Half Birthday" first to A, and then to B.  B cracked me up by singing, "Happy Half Birthday TO MYSELF" with lots of emphasis.  Hahaha!

Shyly looking to the side.  :)

Make a wish!
Smiling big!

She's an expert candle-blower-outer.

After supper, I told the girls to take a quick shower.  They did, and I happened to catch them finishing up.  Baby A didn't see me watching...until I CRACKED UP to see her absentmindedly dancing as she dried herself off.  And I laughed more to see B tiptoeing to turn off the shower, trying {REALLY HARD} not to get her hair wet.  It was the perfect end to the evening.

Happy HALF Birthday to my sweet baby girls!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

What beautiful icing!!!! You are amazing, Mandy! Seriously :)

Love that you still keep to this tradition!

Cheryl Lage said...

I ADORE that you celebrate 1/2 birthdays! (and your writing on that cake? Splendiferous!)
Cannot believe how big your beauties are getting....time is a flyin'!

Mrs FF said...

A beautiful tradition. Love it! And that cake - amazing! We've had photo shoots for both of K's half birthday, we'll see how long we can keep it up