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July 5, 2015

Independently Clean

I feel like I *should* say this is bittersweet, and in the longer term, I am sure it will be.  Now, though, it just feels AWESOME!!!

Over the last couple of weeks, the girls have learned to shower themselves.  I feel a little bit guilty that I didn’t encourage this earlier.  I think the girls were probably ready (and I remember bathing myself when I was about their age).  It’s just been so easy to plunk them both in the tub, or for the three of us to hop into the big walk-in shower.

It was just before the girls went to basketball camp that I thought I’d better bite the bullet.  They’d need to get cleaned up after camp, and I wouldn’t be home.  I got them both in the shower.  I stood in the door and coached them through, going through the motions on myself.

The girls seemed to get a kick out of it, and they did a good job!

A few days later, I coached them through washing their own hair.  I still fear they won’t get all the soap out…but truthfully, I fear that when I wash their hair, too.

It’s such a load off to know they can take a quick shower when they need to.  And it’s a lot less pressure for me to rush home from work to wash their hair so it has as much time to air-dry as possible before bed.

Independently clean.  I like this part of my BABIES growing up!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

YAY - I'm throwing a party for you!

Our kids are not really big on showers (although here on holiday K is more into it) but we run the bath, and they jump in and do their business. We do check that the faces are properly clean and toenails/ nails, but they're mostly good :)