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September 20, 2013

SUPER STUFF and LOTS of Pictures!

Things in our world are pretty busy.  We are {FINALLY!} closing on our new house this week, and getting ready for our big move.  I haven’t taken much time to sit down and write…but thankfully I have taken the time to record some of the SUPER in our world.

1)      My B was a little “froggy” for a few days, and I was trying to encourage her to clear her throat.  That’s one of those things we take for granted, not realizing it’s a learned skill.  She was too funny making this little humming noise, trying to imitate me!  She never did get it!

2)      I thought the girls got this from school, but when I asked them, they said they made it up.  They’ve been running around the den, singing, “When will I get there?  When will I get there?  And then they’ll stop suddenly and exclaim, “My journey is over!  Cue giggles.

3)      To their new run-around game, Daddy started throwing out synonyms for “journey”.  Now they’ll mix things up and say, “My expedition is over,” or, “My quest is over.  Hee hee!

4)      On Tuesday morning I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough for my girlies.  B politely said to me, “Mommy, don’t forget we have school today!

5)      And then A added to the list of school quotes the following day: “Mommy, when I’m at school and you’re home and don’t have anything to do…  Oh, my!

6)      I feel like the girls have been in the “pre-reader” category for a long time now.  They’ve known all their letters and sounds for close to two years now, but they haven’t been consistently sounding out words.  I feel like we’re on the brink of something, though, and it’s exciting!  The girls have known that C-A-T spells cat for a long time, and they just learned that H-A-T spells hat.  They’ve been so excited to build off that with all the other possible letter combinations…bat, fat, mat, pat, sat…I hope this is the start of something B-I-G!!!

7)      The girls have continued their focus on numbers…they can consistently say numbers in the hundreds, and single-digit thousands.  They sometimes need a little prompting, but they’ve correctly identified numbers all the way up to the single-digit millions!

Thank goodness for Facebook, as I can always count on having recorded some gems there…

8)      "This is kinda hard, Mommy, but I can figure it out. I'm a big girl, and I'm smart, and I love to learn." Baby A, giving herself a little pep talk.

9)      The girls are playing in the tub, and I hear them singing "Happy Birthday" and clapping and shouting HOORAY! I am laughing...but cringing a bit to think how much splashing may be happening.

10)   Mommy Milestone today: I took my girls to Pier 1 for the first time, and nothing got broken! For the past 4 1/2 years, that's been a "me time" activity. Our trip today was not exactly "relaxing", and there was very little browsing, but we accomplished our errand. Woo hoo!

11)   My B just perked me up this afternoon, far more than any second cup of coffee could..."Mommy, you are so sweet! I just love you!"

12)   A just said to B: "Are you going to school with this behavior?" Hahaha! For the record, I didn't observe any "behavior", but I couldn't help but to laugh out loud.

13)   "Mommy, I love maps because they help me learn." The girls lost interest for a little while, but maps and globes are sources of fascination again at our house.

14)   I was trying politely to tell the girls I needed elbow room. "It's challenging for Mommy to do this when you're so close to me." Baby A came right back with a little pep talk, "But you can do challenging things! I know you can!" Hee hee!

15)   "Let me show you how I'd mow the grass if I were a sheep"...and she proceeded to crawl on the floor and pretend to eat. I never know what is next.

16)   Someone came to the door selling magazines. I declined, and Baby A added in her "you're a silly goose" tone, "We don't need any magazines! We have lots and lots in the living room!" Hope he at least appreciated the logic.

And combing through my pictures, I am reminded of all the other SUPER from the past couple of weeks…

Outside JOY!

This baby loves to skip!

B loves her pinwheel, even through the sun was too bright to look at it!

An unprompted hug...caught on film!

Enjoying the orchestra at the orchard...and Mommy and Daddy's chairs.

Running into friends!
Running into more friends and everyone looking at the camera together!

Team spirit!

Seriousness during Quiet Time.

This baby loves these books!

My A, trying to force B to look at the camera and smile!

A gorgeous afternoon spent downtown with Miss Jenny!

We love Miss Jenny!
 Whew!  That's what I get for missing a week of SUPER STUFF.  On the other hand, it's pretty neat to see what a huge long list I can compile when I just take the opportunity to sit down. 


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I love all of the pictures... especially the impromptu hug and the one of the girls in the lawn chairs. :)

Marcia Francois said...



Mandy, you're so sweet :) :) Have to agree with B!

And you can do challenging things. Oh my!

Do you guys know exactly when you close? I want to send special prayers your way for the move!

Anonymous said...

Great Pics Mandy! The kiddos look so happy! :)

Mrs FF said...

YAY!!! Finally. So when is the big move going to happen! I'm sure you are all looking forward to it.

Definitely a lot of super stuffs and I love the picture of them in the Alabama jerseys, now we need to get them Chelsea jerseys to balance it out (wink wink)

yetunde said...

Love when they become the cheerleaders. "you can do challenging things mummy" LOL!

Student Mommy said...

Hahaha. Awesome. Kids look soooo happy. Love that you'll have nothing to do when they head off to school. I'll come and join you and we can do nothing together.