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September 2, 2013

Missing My Family This Labor Day

Since the girls were born, we've made the trip to Sweet Home Alabama every Labor Day weekend.  We look forward to it all summer...good food, good fun, and good family time.  My dad always hosts a cookout for one side of the family.  There is a visit to Aunt GG's house, and there's time with Aunt Alison.

Until a few days ago, we thought we were closing on the new house this past Friday.  Of course we didn't plan our trip, thinking we'd be spending our days shuffling boxes five miles down the road.

When the closing schedule changed, it felt too late...too plan a quick trip.  We are already way out of sorts with selling our house and moving.  We honestly didn't consider making the trip.

Most of our family will come to visit at some point when we move into the new house.  And those who can't, we'll see them at Christmas...which will be here before we know it.

That all makes's the right decision...but still, I find myself missing my family and our traditional Labor Day pictures on this Labor Day weekend.

2009, A and B with Mommy in Granddaddy's porch swing
2010, A and B, also known as "Miss America"
2011, B and A with Mommy and Daddy at the state park
2011, B and A with Aunt Alison...the girls' first time to meet Little Baby A
2012, A and B hug Aunt GG
2012, B and A feeding the ducks with Daddy and Granddaddy
"Y'all come back, now, ya hear?!"

My heart is in Alabama this weekend.


Mrs FF said...

Sorry about the closing and not being able to get "2013" labor day pictures.

It's always so lovely to see how the girls have grown!

Hope you had a good labor day though?

Holly G said...

Aww. I completely understand. It's hard to miss treasured traditions. But I congratulate you on your new home and I'm sure you'll create lots of new & wonderful traditions and memories there!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

aawww, so sorry you weren't able to go this year.

However, look forward to all the family coming to visit soon :) :)

(you do like it, don't you?)


Deanna said...

Sending you some Alabama love on this day-after-Labor-Day! Maybe when y'all are here over Christmas we can plan a get-together?? (Or before then...we'd be up for that, too!)