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September 9, 2013

Getting My Craft On...For the Girls' Room!

As part of a coping mechanism ahead of what I know will be an emotional transition...moving my BABIES to big-kid beds...I am diverting my attention onto something fun and therapeutic.

I originally had plans to involve the girls in decorating their bedroom at the new house.  They helped pick out their new furniture, and several months ago we browsed online for bedding.

Over the past few weeks, though, I've decided I'm going to surprise them by having everything pulled together as a grand reveal.  I can't imagine ever doing one of those middle-of-the-night bedroom makeovers for my sleeping beauties, so this is probably the best chance I'll have to wow them with room decor.

Their new beds are ready to be delivered as soon as we give the furniture store the green light.  I have their comforter sets -- different from what we'd originally looked at online -- ready and waiting, too.  I only need to buy lamps, and we'll be set.

I wanted to do a couple of little personal things to set off the room.  The girls LOVE wreaths, so I decided to make a ribbon wreath to hang on their door.

I bought a wire wreath form, which was surprisingly inexpensive.  I spent a couple of evenings tying on about $15 in ribbon.  I have a couple of light green ribbons, one wider and one more narrow...some wide white grosgrain and some wide pink spool of fancy sheer pink ribbon...and a little bit of a slim brown ribbon to break things up a bit.  I cut my ribbon into approximately 7" strips and tied simple knots...easy-peasy!

I know the girls will be beyond excited to see this welcoming them to their new digs!

The other little touch I'm adding are these monogrammed frames for their nightstands.

Those are 5x5" wooden frames I got for about $5 each from the craft store.  I bought those script wooden letters and put on a couple of coats of white paint and then glued them to the front of the frames.  I chose some scrapbook paper to match the girls' bedding...and viola!

I cannot wait to see the girls' faces when I show them their room!

If I can swing it, I hope to turn my attention to their bathroom next...I have a huge bag of seashells I've collected over many years of beach trips.  I think I may finally put some of those to use!

I am having a blast pulling together these fun little details for my babies...and it is helping to keep my mind off what will surely be an emotional transition.  Sniff, sniff!


Deanna said...

I love it, Mandy! The wreath looks fantastic. I was just going to ask you what your plans were for decorating their room...A and M have been itching to do something for A andB since y'all sent those necklaces. I will have to find something fun! : )

Marcia (123 blog) said...

aaaaaaaah, I LOVE IT!!! LOVE!!!

Both the wreaths and the monograms! They are going to be so chuffed!

Speaking of which, I have something I need to attach to my kids' door too.

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I'm so excited for the entire Emedi family! You did a great job with these details, and I know A & B will be completely smitten with their new room. Big hugs as you finish out the moving process... don't forget to send your pen pals your new address. :)

Mrs FF said...

I'm sure they'll love it. A nice surprise.

Natasha Carneiro said...

Love it, such cute personal touches :)