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September 13, 2013

Prehistoric Fun!

On Sunday, we took advantage of our Mothers of Multiples group rate at Dinosaur World, a statue park about 30 miles north of our town.  The girls love reading about dinosaurs, and we made sure to brush up on our prehistoric reading before our visit.

While it seemed kinda hokey to those of us outside the preschool set, the girls had a fun time seeing all the many kinds of dinosaurs.  We read each of the informational signs in front of the displays, and by the midway point of the park, the girls were pretty good about guessing whether the dinosaurs were plant-eaters or meat-eaters, and whether they were fast or slow.

Obligatory "walking in" photo!

Ta da!

Stegosaurus, one of our faves!

Feigning horror at the T-Rex!

I can't reach him!

In addition to the dinosaurs, there were also some wooly mammoths.

Between the toes of a T-Rex!

This guy is pretty big!

Triceratops is another fave!

This guy seemed pretty ominous, leering over the pathway.

Baby A, pretending she has a horn on her nose...right before she charged her sister...

And of course we spent a little time on the playground before we left.

The girls loved this slide!

And of course they had to climb inside the T-Rex head...say aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
It was a really hot day, but the vast majority of the park was very shady.  It was a really fun afternoon...and we topped it off with some ice cream before we headed home.

Super-sized fun, indeed!


yettie said...

Love it! I looked at the "walking in" photo and thought "oh the cute babies". THEN I saw the next one and was like "they're so grown up!". It's just so surreal sometimes.

(Forgive me Mandy, my girls are turning 3 in a couple of months and I think I'm going through the obligatory "I-can't-believe-the-babies-are-so-grown" phase. It's accompanied by much sighing and a little teariness)

Jules said...

This is so cool! Where is this place???

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! how neat! Crazily, Adam remembers when a Dinosaur exhibit was at a local museum, over 2 years ago and just recently asked when we could go back again (it was a traveling exhibit so we can't go back now!). The boys would LOVE this!

Charlene Juliani said...

my boys would go nuts over this place...looks like tons of fun!

Charlene Juliani said...

my boys would go nuts over this place...looks like tons of fun!