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August 22, 2013

The Dentist is Old Hat

The girls had their first visit to the dentist when they were about 18 months old.  It was something I’d put a lot of thought into, having gotten really conflicting information about when a child should have her first dental appointment.  The feedback I got ranged from one year…all the way to four or five years old!

I knew from the pediatric dentists in town that the girls wouldn’t have a full cleaning until they were about three, but I wanted to go ahead and get them headed in the right direction.

Hubby and I both went to the appointment, camera in tow.  The girls took turns, sitting in my lap.  They both did a great job…no fussing!...and they got cute little ducks that they still play with quite often.

When the girls were three and a half, I took them back for their first actual cleaning.  By the time I got the appointment scheduled, Hubby was back in school, so I had to take the girls by myself.  I was pretty nervous about that…not knowing how they’d do in new surroundings and with such a degree of invasion into their personal space.

In preparation, we talked about what to expect, and the girls practiced their “dentist face”, opening their mouths as wide as possible.

To my great relief, they did a great job again.  The girls’ February appointment came and went, and they had another appointment yesterday.

The girls actually love going to the dentist now.  They get so excited to show off their pearly whites, and then to pick out a toy after their appointment.  They’ve been asking for at least four months now when they could go back to see Dr. E.

It struck me yesterday, as I didn’t even whip out my camera ahead of, during, or after their visit -- a sure sign that we’ve hit our stride -- that going to the dentist is now (thankfully!) old hat.

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Holly G said...

That is absolutely fantastic. We were thrilled this summer to learn that all three of our kids have perfectly healthy teeth right now! :)