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August 23, 2013

A Bit About Me, August Edition

My birthday is February 23, so on the 23rd of each month, I share a couple of random things about myself.  

I am a reformed picky eater.

When I was growing up, I remember being super picky about crust on my bread, the amount of milk in my oatmeal, and no dressing on my salad.  I remember my mom bargaining with me about drinking milk, and I remember sitting at the table – for what felt like HOURS – because my mom told me I couldn’t get up until I ate three Brussels sprouts.

I don’t know what happened…maybe I just grew up.  There are very few things I won’t eat, meatloaf being the only thing that comes to mind.

And I don’t know what prompted my pickiness in the first place, either.  I don’t know how much of that is “normal” for some kids, and how much was maybe a part of me being an only child, that my mom catered to me.

Whatever the case, I’m thankful now for my love of Brussels sprouts, spicy Mexican food, raw sushi, and everything in between.  And I’m even more thankful that the girls are following my current footsteps, not my old ones!

I used to love amusement park rides…

…but now I have to be careful on the swings at the park.

I used to love any and every amusement park ride.  Living in a small town, the yearly county fair was where I enjoyed most of my experiences growing up.  I have great memories of the likes of the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler and the Octopus…the more bone-jarring…the more twists and spins…the better.

Once again, I don’t know what happened…maybe I’m just getting old…but I can’t really look at the merry-go-round at the park too intently, before I start feeling a little bit ill.

Fortunately I’m OK on the carousel at the mall, and fortunately that’s still a huge thrill for the girls.  I’ll hang onto that for as long as I can…and hope Husband doesn’t suffer the same fate as I have.  Someone needs to be brave to ride with the girls one day!


Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I feel the same way about rides! We took the girls to Storyland in NH and they became obsessed with this ride called the Turtle Twirl. After the third time on it, we had to cut the girls off. My husband and I secretly nicknamed it the Turtle Hurl.

The beautiful thing about your girls getting older is that they will be big enough to ride on their own. Our seven year old can do pretty much any ride and that is music to my stomach!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I always get so excited for your 23rd posts!

I was not a picky eater (although, I never liked meat, so perhaps that alone made me picky. Since I have been vegetarian for 20 years, I don't associate that with pickiness) but I distinctly remember not liking one of my very favorite foods now. I hated avocados and guacamole. Now, I could eat my weight in both. :)

Cam won't eat any form of potato... not baked, mashed, or fried. I'm assuming she'll 'grow out of it' like you did with your foods, but I kind of wish I didn't like potatoes as much as I do.

And, if we ever hang out at an amusement park together, I will happily take your girls on the crazy upside down rides. My little Gray will likely stand next to you on the ground and worry. ;)

Mrs FF said...

Love your 23rd posts, always gives more insight into who Mandy is (or was). Maybe I am a picky eater somewhat. I refuse to put cooked oats in my mouth . Oats in cookies is fine but not coked oats reminds me of baby puke. Sorry!!! And I don't do any shaky food like jelly or cream brûlée etc. So while I can eat many things I refuse to eat those.

Mrs FF said...

That was supposed to be cooked oats not coked oats :)

Mandy said...

Coked Oates are a whole different ball game ;)

Of all people I never pictured you as a picky eater. This gives me hope for my ladies. And should you ever need amusement park back-up we've got you covered!!

Barbara Manatee said...

I used to be much pickier than I am now, too! I can thank my husband for that. My mom just kind of cooked the same things all the time so there were a lot of foods I just assumed I didn't like...but honestly I'd never tried them!

Sushi and avocado/guacamole are two things I'm SOOOOO glad he introduced me to!!

Charlene Juliani said...

I am the same way about amusement parks. When I was younger, I was a bit of a dare devil, now I don't even like standing on a chair, for fear I'll fall off. I think the older I get the more fear of how much pain I would be in if I fell and broke something such as a hip LOL!! I used to not mind spinning as much nope, I get car sick just reading or even simply looking out the window :0 Sucks getting old :P