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August 26, 2013

Planning for the Future

For as long as they’ve been able to answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” the girls’ answers have been consistent, “A vet and a mommy.”

(And that might just make my heart swell every time!)

Over time, the girls have gotten into some serious details when they describe how things will work.

The girls will, of course, share an office.  B will be the vet in the morning, while A stays home with all of their babies.  (B consistently talks about having one baby, while A has recently said she will have twins.)  In the afternoon, A will take her turn as vet, while B takes on the baby duties.

Their vet office will be dedicated to Misha and Sasha (our cats), and there will be a special room for Sasha to come for her checkups.  It’s very important that Sasha be comfortable and not scared.

As for transportation, the girls apparently plan to share a vehicle.  My A talks about how she will drive, and B will be in the passenger seat.  And then B will pipe up and say that some days she’ll drive and A will be the passenger.  Where will Mommy sit?” I ask.  In the backseat.  You can relax and be comfortable.”

There is always talk of lunch, too.  The girls love to volunteer how they will take me to lunch.  Who will pay?” I ask.  You can pay, or I can,” they both say.  Well I’d prefer if you paid,” I tell them.  OK, Mommy!” followed by huge smiles.

Over the past few days, B has been talking about how Granddaddy (who is an architect) will design her office for her.  I thought that was super sweet, to hear her thinking through those details, unprompted.

It never ceases to amaze me how their little minds work.  And how I love to hear their plans for the future – together.


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

So sweet! A & B are so very precious! And today (as I am childless for the first time in 5 years), I am a bit jealous of your day filled with pretend and hugs.

Cam asked us if it was okay if she came back and lived in our house when she was a grown up. (Adam told her that she could live with us forever - ha!) I remember telling my own mom the same thing and thinking she was crazy for telling me that I would someday want to have my own home.

Mandy said...

I hope your father has started on these plans, I feel there might be some major changes in the next twenty years or so!!

We rarely get consistent answers with the ladies, but I do love their off the wall answers!

Mrs FF said...

Love it! If only it would stay so. I'm sure in a few years they'll change their minds. But for now it's so damn sweet to hear their thought patterns on the future

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

So sweet. My girls told me recently that they are going to marry each other and that Elie is going to be the mommy and Jude is going to be the daddy because daddies are more fun! I prefer A&B's plan!