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August 10, 2013

A Big Girl Door

When I was a little girl, I remember having various things taped to the door of my bedroom.  I can’t picture exactly what was there, but I remember a really revered candy wrapper that I so carefully unfolded, so that I could display it prominently.

(I feel like I should interrupt myself here and say “Hats off!” to my parents [I guess???] for allowing me to make that space my own.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to encourage the same creative expression in my girls…at least not on their door.  I can foresee myself buying a bulletin board one day, though.  And I vow to set my OCD tendencies aside and allow them to accessorize it in random order, if they so choose.)

I haven’t thought about that in eons, but it struck me a couple of days ago when the girls asked to post some artwork on their door.

I try to keep the front of our refrigerator clean, but the side of it is papered with colorful artwork and pictures of friends.  Our mantle is home to a rotating display of handmade signs and stand-alone crafts.  And I occasionally display holiday-themed artwork over the patio doors in the kitchen.

Artwork has never migrated upstairs.

While Miss Jenny was here a few days ago, she wrote the girls’ names in bubble / block letters and let them color it in.  They were so proud of what she did…and what they did to complement it.  On a whim, I asked if they’d like to put their masterpieces on their door upstairs, and their eyes instantly lit up with excitement.

I plan to continue to keep the artwork in one area of the house, but this little venture has been a fun one.  It’s surprised me how “grown-up” it makes the entrance to their bedroom, though! 

Hmmm…maybe I’m just readying myself psychologically for the transition to big-girl beds next month.  Who knew that a big-girl door would be the first step?


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

How sweet! I, too, have resisted door adornment {a-door-nment}? But, the girls once asked me to hang up a bunch of their artwork up and make a 'gallery'. How could I resist that cuteness? Their playroom walls became a temporary gallery for those famous Baker Twins' artwork. :)

Big girl beds!!! WooHoo!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

All of our kids' artwork is taped to the cupboards in the kitchen or on the fridge. Most of it is stuff brought home from school but once in a while, Adam will draw something and ask to put it on the cupboard with tape (he did this just the other day randomly).
This week, he was "MVP" at school (aka his snack day) and he had a star sent home to remind us. Out of the blue, he asked to put it on his bedroom door when we got home. We haven't put stuff on their doors either so I don't know where he got the idea from but we said "sure!" The other funny thing is that we are in the process of painting J&S's bedroom so that the boys will soon room together (as in a few days from now!) so he had trouble deciding WHICH door to hang it on...his CURRENT door or the one that will be his next week!? ha!

Mrs FF said...

Interestingly that's one thing I never did. Guess since I had to share rooms I just never thought of adorning it.