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August 19, 2013

Get Yourself Connected!

We love building stuff at our house, and we have all manner of building implements.

The girls still play -- almost daily -- with the stacking cups I bought them when they were infants.  Of course it hasn't been a challenge to stack or nest them in quite a few years, but they still make great components for tower building.

Our MegaBloks still get a lot of play, as well...another toy that's been a very prominent fixture for over three years now.

More recently, we've added pyramid blocks (Wedgits) and click-together blocks (Trio blocks), and a small subset of Legos.

Over the weekend I decided to break out another building set, something I'd actually purchased before Christmas this past year, Connectagons.  The girls are IN LOVE (as are Mommy and Daddy!).

We've all had so much fun making all kinds of creations.  Here are just a few pictures from our Sunday morning play...

A's square.

B's motorcycle.

A's coral.

B delights in A's multi-pronged cactus.

Daddy worked with A to use every single piece (all 240 of them)!
I love the creativity that building sets inspire.  I love the fine motor skills and spatial reasoning.  And I love that the whole family so easily gets in on the building action.  It's FUN!!!


Jill said...

Those look awesome! I'm tired of Legos and have been wanting to find something a little different-might have to put these on the Christmas list.

Mandy said...

These are just so awesome. I'm starting to wonder if we could use another building set.

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

They sure are getting tall and thin, aren't they?! What a difference a year makes...

Love those creations, and the beautiful babies who made them.

cat said...

Exactly why I totally love any building activity. Loved this post

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Those look like such fun! I'm so out of date with cool stuff because I never go to ToysRUs anymore :)

Mrs FF said...

So so cool!!! Love it. Not difficult to see why it!'s a hit with the girls