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August 11, 2015


The girls started first grade!

They were SO excited for the day to finally arrive.  After sleeping yesterday until 7am (BOTH of them, which is UNHEARD OF!!!), they were both up before 6am this morning.  I could hear them scurrying around upstairs, opening drawers, flushing potties.  When I went up about 6:20 to get them up, they were in their beds, under the covers.  "Good morning, Baby Girls!  It's the First Day of School!" I sang.  They both kicked off the covers and started squealing.

The girls got ready verrrrry early, so we had ample time to take our first-day-of-school pictures on the front steps.

We waited outside the school until the doors opened at 8am.  I walked the girls to the gym...they gave me hugs...I told them to eat some ice cream for me after school (knowing they were going for a treat with their daddy)...and they were off!

This evening when I got home, they were ecstatic to tell me about their day.  I didn't actually get many details, as they were TIRED, but Baby A kept showing me, over and over, a vocabulary sheet where she'd matched words (jitters, tunneled, chuckled, slumped, trudged) to their definitions.

"I LOVE first grade!!!" the girls kept saying.

Soon after supper it was time for bed.  I'm sure those girlies will sleep well tonight!


cat said...

FIrst day grade 1 - a huge milestone! I hope this year is a fantastic school year

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Too precious!!!

Mrs FF said...

Just the other day they were starting kindergarten and now first grade. Time flies. Love the pictures. May they continue to be this excited about school xxx

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

First Grade!!! Congrats, pretty babies!