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August 19, 2015

This Was Big, Y'all

Baby B brought home the year’s first library book.  She chose a new Berenstain Bears story, and she was elated to tell me about it.  “Can we read it tonight???” she asked as I walked in the door from work.  A few minutes later, Baby A told me, separately, “Sissy got a Berenstain Bears book from the library!!!” 

As I was making supper, the girls were sitting on the couch in the den, looking at the book together.  I asked B if she wanted to come read to me while I was working.  She scurried right over.  And then I asked A if she wanted to come while B read.  She scurried right over, too.

I was so impressed…not only that Baby B powered through the entire book with confidence…but also that Baby A sat there, such a patient audience.  She helped her with a word or two, but she was enjoying B’s presentation.

It was a proud Mommy moment, for sure.

It was funny, though…B had read the book at school already, and she kept foreshadowing events.  “Just read!” I kept telling her.  “I want to be surprised!

B finished the book, and it was time to eat.  “Can we read it for bedtime?” the girls asked.  "Read it to us!"  Although we were running a little late, we piled up in the den and I got my turn with the book.

Seeing my girls supporting each other in reading…that’s wholesomeness right out of a Berenstain Bears book, for sure.

This picture was taken a few weeks ago...but this is a common sight at our house these days!  Love!!!

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Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

There isn't anything better than having your kids read to you! You sort of forget how nice it is to get to listen to a story, right? Added bonus... your kids are aiding in reliving your youth by picking out books from when we were little!

Congrats to A & B both on being such fantastic little readers!!!