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August 18, 2015

The Time I Cried at Target

This is not one of those oft-shared posts about my twin toddlers throwing tantrums, causing me to lose my cool in the stationery aisle. 

No, actually, it was just yesterday.  And I was by myself.  I’d run in on my lunch hour, my girls six-and-a-half and no doubt having a blast with their first grade classmates at that very moment.

It wasn’t the sight of those precious little baby clothes…or, conversely, the fact that I made a quick pass through the “big kids’” section and didn’t see a thing I’d buy for my girls.  It wasn’t walking by the card section where my girls used to love to stop and point out pictures of cats and dogs.  I even made it past the SAHM with the cutest little kid in her cart, cooing to him as he rattled something at her.

No, I made it through the store, what I’d come for (and then some) in hand.  It was after I checked out that my eyes welled with tears.

The checkout line was oddly desolate, and my two favorite cashiers were working registers side by side.  “How are the girls?” they asked.  I told them how the girls were having a great time so far in school, and how they had their first soccer practice that night.  With smiling eyes they listened.  “Tell them we said hello!

I made it partway to the door, when I decided to turn around.  The two ladies by then were chatting with each other.  “I’m sorry to interrupt you,” I told them, “but I just wanted to thank you.”

I made it quick, as my eyes were tearing fast, but I told them how thankful I was to have brought my girls in to see them since they were infants in their stroller…how I always appreciated their kindness and the way they engaged my girls so genuinely…how I was grateful to have shared my girls’ joy with them.

It’s one of those things I’ve thought many times, and I finally took a moment to say it aloud.  The ladies were very gracious, of course.  (And then I hurried on my way before my tearing up turned into full tears.)

It’s not just these two ladies at Target.  It’s the lady at the post office, the people who work in the produce section of the grocery store, the folks at the bookstore.  Living in a smaller town (and perhaps being a creature of habit), we have frequented many of the same places since the girls were born.  I love that the girls have grown to know some of these people in our little world.  I love the sense of community this illustrates to them, the kindness that often surrounds us if we only pause to let it in.

Yep.  I cried at Target.  And our sweet little ladies were there to witness it.  And that’s OK.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, Jhb is not small but I guess I also am someone who frequents the same places because the librarians/ cashiers, etc. often say to me "where are the twins?" and the librarian said the other day, gosh, I remember when you were walking around here pregnant and now they're SIX!"

I love that you went back to say your piece XXX

Anonymous said...

Aww this is so lovely, and you were so kind to say thank you. It's the little moments like that which become the big highlights of the day. #TwinklyTuesday

Jennifer (The Hollyhock Door) said...

This is lovely! And what a lovely thing to acknowledge importance of friendly people in your daughters' lives! #twinklytuesday

Anonymous said...

They are always nice at Target! We dont have one here but I am reading alot about their awesomeness includinmg letting moms breastfeed just about anywhere.

This is such a lovely post. So many time I feel overwhelmed too with emotions when I am alone so I get this!


Mummascribbles said...

That is so lovely - it's funny how sometimes the simplest of things make us so emotional! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Mrs FF said...

How lovely!!! This is one of the reasons I love going to a specific gym out of the three in my neighborhood. I don't live in a small town but it warms my heart that the ladies in the children's room knows my daughter by name and ask about her when she is not with me