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November 1, 2013

Our Annual Family Photo

It started as a fluke. 

The girls' first Halloween, when they were almost 10 months old, we took them out to make pictures on the front porch.  One of our sweet neighbors stopped by too ooh and coo at seeing the most adorable pumpkins.  We asked if she would mind taking a family picture...and the tradition was born.

Since then we don't rely on happenstance, though.  Well ahead of time, we schedule a neighbor or a friend to come to take the snapshot for us.

We're FIVE years running now [which just seems CrAzY!!!], and this is a super-big deal to this mama!

This year I found myself pretty stressed.  The weather forecast was really grim for Halloween day.  I had in mind whom I'd ask to take our picture, but I was worried we'd get rained out.

And then it occurred to me...nobody says a Halloween photo has to be taken precisely on Halloween!

We had scheduled Miss Jenny to come hang out with the girls on Wednesday afternoon, and I'd planned to meet Daddy for an early dinner.  Mid-day, I emailed Hubby and asked him to come home instead.  The girls were TICKLED to dress up that afternoon, and Miss Jenny was the perfect photographer.

I'm loving our 2013 family photo!!!

And you know I cannot resist a good comparison photo opportunity!!!




This is one of my favorite traditions, for sure!  Happy Fall, Y'all!


Mandy said...

Love it! I'm terrible at Halloween pictures, I never plan ahead. It's usually getting dark by the time it crosses my mind. Whomp, whomp. For that reason, I love your second year cheerleader costumes, the light on the ferns makes ya'll sparkle!
I also feel compelled to send you a tripod, lol!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Love this tradition! :) You guys look great on your NEW porch!!!

Liz Barber said...

What a great tradition Mandy! I can't believe how big your girls are getting. We "try" each year to get a picture at the pumpkin patch of the boys...we're lucky is we can get a whole family pic these days.

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

What a great tradition! I am always the mother who realizes she never took any pictures the day after the big event!

I'm curious. Do A&B always want to be the same thing? My girls have very strong opinions on these sorts of things!

Jules said...

Such a great idea! Adorable kitty cats you have too!