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November 27, 2013

What I Love About Big-Girl Beds

You may remember that I was a bit apprehensive about moving the girls to big-girl beds.  I hadn’t intended to keep them in their cribs until they were more than 4 ½…but that arrangement continued to work for us; I had no real reason to change.

I didn’t want to move the cribs to the new house, though, and so that dictated our transition timing.

In addition to the incredible amount of work involved in the move, I was so nervous!  I was afraid that our wonderfully rested babies would suddenly decide to challenge their bedtime routine; that they would think it was more fun to roam around the {new} house than it was to sleep.

KNOCK ON WOOD, none of those fears have come to fruition.  For that, and for many other reasons – ones I didn’t know to anticipate – I am really, really loving the girls in their big-girl beds.

For one, I couldn’t reach the girls very well in their cribs, so I was missing out on some wonderful nighttime cuddles.

Now, I just love to tuck the girls under their blankets at bedtime, safe and sound.

I love to bend down and give them one last kiss before I turn off the lights.

I love to check on my babies after they’re asleep.  I love to kiss their sleepy heads.  And their soft, sleepy hands are so very tender, I can’t resist squeezing them.

A couple of times as I’ve been checking on my cherubs, Baby A has woken up just a bit.  She’s given me the sweetest, sleepiest hugs.  I love you, Mommy,” she says from her slumber.

In the mornings, I love to sit on the sides of the girls’ beds and rub their backs, to give them tender kisses on their warm temples, just as they’re waking up. 

I love to pile in their beds beside them for full-body hugs.

I love to tickle them awake, and wrestle with them in their beds sometimes.  I’ll pretend to lie down, and then exclaim, “There’s a lump here!  The girls think it’s hysterical.

And once they’re up for the day, the girls love to make their beds!  They are so proud to get their covers sorta-kinda straight, and to prop their pillows up just right.

I am so thankful for such a smooth transition, and for the many new joys it brings.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

pse take a pic of them in bed (sneak a pic, should I say?)

I love to get in and cuddle with them and they love it too. It's the best - who knows how long they'll "allow" it!

Mrs FF said...

The joys!