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November 9, 2013

I Wasn't Ready for This!!!

Wednesday was a day on which we didn’t have many commitments.  I had proposed going for a walk, and I was thinking about making some granola with the girls.  I’d planned for us to spend a leisurely day at home.

I was drinking coffee and spending a little bit of time on the computer.  My A crawled in the chair behind me, and I heard the most spine-tingling sound, that of her grinding her teeth together.  Don’t do that, Sweetie!” I cautioned, trying not to sound too horrified.

A few seconds later I noticed she had a really funny look on her face, and I asked her to open her mouth.  I couldn’t have been more surprised at what I saw!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so shocked.  My A bumped her front tooth in August (I think).  The dentist said it would likely solidify again, which it eventually did.  He noted that she might expect to lose her teeth earlier than average, since she started cutting teeth on the early side (about five months).  When A bumped her tooth again on Friday, I thought the same thing would happen and we wouldn’t have any snaggle-tooth smiles for a while yet…but I was wrong!

As surprised as I was, I am very thankful my first reaction was of joy (even if a little bit of that was manufactured on the quick).  WOW!!!  Baby girl!!!  That’s awesome!!!  What a big girl you are!!!  Let Mommy see!!!  We have to take a picture!!!  And let’s go look at you in the mirror!!!

Baby A had a huge smile on her face as we danced around, high-fiving and giggling.

(I did take a deep breath shortly thereafter, and I called the dentist.  The lady laughed at me a little bit, but she promised I wasn’t the only mama to call after her kiddo lost a tooth.)

What to do now???

We don’t celebrate Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, so the Tooth Fairy wasn’t in our plans.  I wanted to do something really special to mark this milestone, though.  I posted a question on Facebook (HOW did parents survive before Facebook???), and a friend suggested a really awesome idea.  I could start a necklace for the girls, and for each tooth they lost, they’d get a bead.  Brilliant!!!

Before we commenced bead shopping, we went for ice cream…at 10:00 in the morning!  I knew that would be such a special treat for the girls.  They were giddy!

It took us a few tries, but we finally landed at the jewelry store downtown, where we decided on a wrap bracelet for my sweet A, something that could easily grow with her.  We chose her first charm, the letter “A”.

It wasn’t quite time for lunch, so we decided then to surprise Daddy with a quick visit.  I called him on the way to his school, and he hadn’t yet seen the email I sent with the picture evidence.  He met us in the parking lot of his school, and Baby A flashed a huge smile.  Daddy was so surprised!!!

The final celebration was lunch at Tea Bayou with my BIG girls.

We had such a fun day, and I can’t quit thinking about it.  I am so thankful we were all home, with nothing else going on, that we could invent a brand-new tradition and roll with it from start to finish.

And I am so incredibly proud of BOTH of my girls.

Baby A took the milestone like such a champ.  She can sometimes be pretty sensitive to attention, almost self-conscious about her person.  While she wasn’t willing to show off her new smile to everyone we met while we were out and about that morning, she was all smiles, all day, at home.

And my sweet Baby B was such a supportive sister.  She did get a tiny bit wistful as Baby A picked out her bracelet, but the vast majority of the day, she was smiling, right alongside her sis.  I caught her a few times, checking her teeth for any signs of wiggles, but she did a lot of congratulating, telling A, “Great job, Sissy!

I never would have thought to anticipate such a day, but I must say, it turned out pretty perfectly, and for that, we are all smiling.


Mandy said...

Upon showing the girls Wednesday they were quite concerned for A. Wondering how she would eat and if all her teeth would fall out. It never occurred to me that we've never discussed this before. Ha!

I love the bracelet idea. I never planned on doing anything for lost teeth, but the bracelet sounds worth while. It's also less creepy than the box of baby teeth my mother has hoarded in her dresser all these years. Ick! Dd you find her tooth?

P.S. This last picture had me doing a double take, I know they aren't conjoined but my sleepy mind was having trouble making sense of it.

Carrie said...

WOW! That is so incredible! The bracelet idea is really cool. I may have to borrow that. I think it's so funny that our girls are just dying to lose their teeth. And it's also funny that I can still recall the feeling of a loose tooth. Certainly a childhood rite of passage! Hope your B continues to be patient enough for her very own loose tooth.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

aaaah, I'm also not ready for that yet!

Mine got their first two teeth at 6 months - is that considered early? :)

She looks very cute and I'm amazed you didn't freak out :) :) Your self-control is amazing!

The last pic also made me do a double take and I'm properly awake at 6.19 in the evening :)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Grayden is so excited that A is "just like her". :) Congrats again to your dentally advanced baby.

Mrs FF said...

Transition from baby to big girl!!!

cat said...

Oh gosh that's cute - but it is the "wrong" first tooth to loose - as you say, possibly due to the bumping. So may be quite a while before you have another (which should be bottom middle left or right)