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February 11, 2010

Thank Goodness for Snow!

The inevitable happened this week: both girls got sick at the same time.

The girls are 13 months old, and we’ve been really lucky to date to have had minimal bouts of sickness. (I say “lucky,” but I believe our “luck” has something to do with the thick bubble I kept the girls in until they were about 9 months old!)

Baby A has a sinus infection, and Baby B is the proud owner of our first ear infection. On one hand, I am happy to think that we’re getting this out of the way at the same time. But my other hand is so busy wiping noses and measuring medicines that it’s hard to appreciate any economies of scale.

Tuesday night the girls didn’t sleep well, and yesterday was a bad day. Both girls were really clingy, and their noses were running like faucets. I found myself thinking, “When it rains, it pours...but thank goodness for snow!” Huh???

I haven’t been so excited for a Snow Day since I was 12. My husband was out of school yesterday, so he was able to help me manage the girls. Before the girls were born, I used to roll my eyes at Snow Days, as I always had to go to work, while Hubby enjoyed a nice day off with the kitty cats. Yesterday, though, I felt like a middle-schooler (minus the acne and big hair) as I rejoiced at the school closings.

Hubby is back at work today, and I’m glad to report that the girls are on the road to recovery. I know this is just part of the joys of parenthood, but I have to admit I’m considering dusting off their “bubble.”

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