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February 17, 2010

Finally...Economies of Scale!

When my husband and I drove up to the rural Mississippi farmhouse with the permanent “Free Kittens” sign in the yard, we intended to get one cat. But the farmer’s wife was so sweet in her pleading. “There’s just two left. Please take ‘em both,” she said. We agreed to adopt the brother-sister pair.

Our two cats are precious together….they groom each other, play together, sleep together, and keep each other wonderful company in general. Seeing the companionship they offer each other, we’re big proponents of having more than one pet. Two cats are really no more trouble than one. You still have to clean the litter box every day, right?

Our two girls are also precious together….there’s nothing sweeter than seeing them snuggle when they wake up in the mornings or hold hands while they eat. They play together, and there’s no telling what kinds of “conversations” they have! It warms my heart to know that they’ll always be there for each other, facing the world together, side by side.

Since the girls were born, my husband and I have often joked that the economies of scale associated with two cats DOES NOT hold true for two babies, however. “Impromptu” has become a very relative term. Everyday tasks – such as mealtimes – require considerable planning and coordination. And forget “running by the post office”.…not without my double stroller! It sometimes feels like managing twins is *more* work than two babies, as their needs are very similar, at the same time.

At long last, though, and after much consideration, I have identified some economies of scale with the girls. I have started feeding them “big people” food. Each morning they SPLIT a scrambled egg, and they each eat HALF of a banana! It’s only taken me 13 months, but I eureka! I finally found it!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

I also love that they can split a banana, or a toasted cheese sandwich :)