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January 24, 2010

Stronger Than Duct Tape

Who has a grip stronger than duct tape?...a scream more piercing than an owl?...and big blue eyes that will melt your heart? Why, Baby B, of course!

After I posted pictures from the girls’ birthday party, I realized most of them were of Baby A. And being as I have a deep-seated fear of driving the girls into therapy if everything isn’t divided exactly 50-50, I felt like I should offer an explanation.

Over the past several weeks, Baby B has become quite the Mama’s Baby, exhibiting a classic case of separation anxiety, squared. I can state this with such certainty because it’s been confirmed by the pediatrician. Yup, I took her in earlier in the week, thinking her ear drums were surely rotten. What else could be causing her to fuss and cry if she was not velcro’ed to me at all times?

While it’s tempting on some level to be flattered by her flattery, I’m trying to establish in her mind that she’s OK when Mommy turns her head away from her…that Mommy will come back to her when she walks across the room to rescue her sister who’s dangling from the chandelier.

I know it will all work itself out in time, that this is very normal for her age. But in the meantime, I would like to correct the balance from the previous post with a couple of pictures of Baby B, also taken during their birthday party.

Trying to be brave for Granddaddy, but it's hard...even when Mommy's right here!
OK, feeling a little better now...
Just checking that you're still here, Mommy...

Safe atop Daddy's shoulders...just don't get too close!

Daddy will protect me!

See what I mean???

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Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

She is too cute! We have the same problem most days.