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January 11, 2010

The Girls' First Snow (Kind of...)!

Finally! The girls got to see their first snowfall this week! Now that’s not to say that this is the first snow since they were born, mind you….

We actually had quite a bit of snow and ice last year. In fact, the day of the girls’ first visit to the pediatrician, we had to engage the 4-wheel drive for the first time (as if we weren’t nervous enough carting two babies!!!). However, with the girls having been born prematurely, the doctor advised us to keep them inside until they were at least 3 months old AND the temperatures were in the 70’s. My husband further interpreted that to mean they shouldn’t see the light of day…even through the window! So the beautiful snowfalls of 2009 went untouched – and un-photographed – at least in our yard.

I was so excited when the snow began to accumulate last week. I could hardly wait to bundle the girls up and show them the cold white powder. But my husband had other ideas. He agreed to allow them to look out the window, although he cautioned against the glass being too cold for their little hands. After several days of “conversation”, he finally let me run them outside for a few quick pictures.

Just you wait until Daddy goes back to school, girls, and Mommy will let you TOUCH the snow itself! I’d better leave the camera inside, though, so as to limit the incriminating evidence.


ssw said...

Poor Dad, he is sooo out numbered!

Granna said...

What goes on when Dad is't home stays with Mom and since A & B can't talk yet, they can't tell on Mom!!!!

Krissi said...

Cute!! Thanks so much for adding my link! I have added you as well! ;-)