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January 22, 2010

Let's Party Like It's 2010!!!

After a week-long weather delay, The Girls hosted their first party on Saturday. I know that they'll want everything "Dora" or "Princess" before long, so while I still have a say, I chose an open-house format. Despite there being no games of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, I think everyone had a great time. Here are some of my favorite pictures to illustrate this magical day.

We welcomed our wonderful family...

...and many of our friends...

...(both big AND small)...

We sang "Happy Birthday" (twice, of course!)!

And then, there was CAKE!!!

We weren't quite sure what to do with it, but everyone laughed at the mess we made!

Everyone signed our birthday cards...

...and there were even some presents to explore!

We had a great afternoon, and at the end of the party, we were ready to head upstairs for a well-deserved nap. is good!!!


ssw said...

What a great celebration for two beautiful little girls!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

great pictures! It looks like it was a very fun party.