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January 8, 2010


2009 was kicked-off with the girls' birth, and 2010 was ushered in by The University of Alabama's 13th NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP! Of course I don't mean to compare the two...but let's just say that those are both pretty big happenings in the Emedi household.

This picture was taken at the end of July, just prior to the start of this historic football season, and you can see that the girls were all ready for a run at the title. It also has significance as the first picture I have of them BOTH smiling. A coincidence? I think not! Mommy has been singing "Yea! Alabama!" to them since Day 1.

Now we're working to get them to raise their arms when we say, "Touchdown, Alabama!" These girls may have been born in Kentucky, but our goal is to make sure they know their real roots are in Sweet Home Alabama.


Jenny Borders said...

my stepdad is a diehard auburn fan and he night not let let me be friends with you if he saw that super-cute pic of your girls up there. :)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How precious! Roll Tide! Your girls are the cutest little Alabama fans!