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March 30, 2015

The "Keep Forever" File

I *try* so hard not to hoard the girls' artwork.  I can't say I'm particularly good at not-hoarding, but I can say that these are two recent pieces who've already secured a place in the Keep Forever file.

This is B's first "book".  It's about an astronaut who flew to the moon.  The end.  I love how she devoted a page to each sentence, but the back of the book is by far my favorite.

"If you like space, you will like this book."

This girl is both a writer AND a marketer.  Hee hee!!!

And it so warmed my heart to find this little gem in A's backpack.

"I felt happy when I snuggled with my Mommy and Daddy."  Awwww....

(My heart was less-than-warmed to find on the reverse side, "I felt sad when my sister hit me with a funnel," but I guess there are two sides to most coins [and school papers].)

With sentiments like these, my Keep Forever file just keeps expanding!


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

So sweet! I know that struggle well... it never ends. Grayden writes something brilliant and sweet every day. I'd drown in paper if I kept it all. But, my heart breaks every time I have to toss something... and I have to bury it deep so she won't see and assume I don't treasure her creations. I wish Camden would write all day long like Gray, but my piles and collections thank her. :)

Sadia said...

Okay, the funnel part made me loud, literally, out loud.

Mrs FF said...

Little marketer in the making, a natural!!! It's so hard not to hoard all these gems