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February 11, 2015

Show of Sistership

("Sistership" doesn't come up as a word...but I think it should.  It's not "sisterhood" I'm striving for, exactly.  There's a big component of "sportsmanship" I'm trying to convey.  I'm rolling with it.)

The girls have been working on their valentines.  Baby A chose to make bookmarks, and B opted for the very ambitious task of making rainbow loom bracelets for everyone in her class.

Valentines are due to school today (Wednesday), and A finished her bookmarks Monday night.  B was not tracking quite as well.  As of Monday night, she still had 8 or so bracelets to make, plus she had to write her classmates' names on the package and assemble everything together.

B made a couple of bracelets before supper on Tuesday (after she finished her homework).  After supper, it was all hands on deck.  I suggested that A help B, and I was so pleasantly surprised that was amenable to everyone.

B didn't balk at wanting to do everything herself, and A didn't boast that she was already finished and had time to do something else.  Everyone pitched in, and -- although it meant we were 20 minutes late for bed -- we got it done!

While B concentrated on writing her classmates' names on the cards, A finished making the last few bracelets.  She then helped me put the bracelets in the little bags.  And then she painted some cardstock that B would need to finish off the envelopes.  That was a big test in my mind.  Both girls LOVE to do anything with paint.  But B didn't bat an eye when A -- solo -- got to don her smock and do her thing with some paint and a Q-tip.

I love how the girls' valentines turned out.  I love that they wanted to make something for their classmates.  But above all, I love-love-love how they banded together to get the task done on Tuesday night.

This is a great valentine present to this mama...seeing my girlies working towards a common goal so seamlessly.

Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

that is SUPER cute!!! Nothing nicer than seeing your kids be kind and helpful to one another.

One of mine exploits the other who likes making beds............ I'll leave it at that, shall I? :)