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September 20, 2014


The girls have had what I would consider really solid pre-reading skills for more than two years now…at least.  They’ve known all their letters since they were around two, and they’ve known all their letter sounds since they were in the neighborhood of three.

They’ve been able to sound out words, letter by letter, but they rarely put those sounds together to make words.

As much as I wanted them to start reading, I *tried* not to sweat it.  I purposefully didn’t push them on the topic, and we learned a million other things before they started school.  I figured that a light bulb would flash on one day for them, things would click, and they’d be reading up a storm.

A month into kindergarten, and I feel like I was pretty right!  The girls are reading!!!  While I wish I could have been the one to introduce the magic, I think it helped having encouragement from their teachers – someone other than Mommy – to get them over the hump.

Baby A, in particular, has been so fun to watch.  She wants to read EVERYTHING!  Two weeks ago, she ran an errand with me on Saturday afternoon.  I had the Kohl’s sale paper with me, and she asked if she could hold it in the car.  She tried so hard to read every single word!  And she was so proud of herself for being such a big kid!!!

Although we have a blue million books at our house, some of them being early reader books, I felt like the girls would get a big thrill from going to the bookstore and buying a new book they could read.  Last weekend I let the girls each pick out a new book.  I suggested they each choose a Pete the Cat book (having an affinity for the little guy myself), and they were tickled!!!

It was such a sweet occasion, made even a little sweeter by the lady who checked us out at the bookstore.  She oohed and ahhed over the girlies getting books THEY could read.  She’s been checking us out since I used to bring the girls in their stroller, and I know she delighted in sharing this milestone.

The girls worked so hard to read every word in their books…over and over.

This may not be a work of great literature, but it will always have a special place in my heart!


Mandy said...

Pete's Big Lunch? I though we had read them all, I do have a love of Pete and his catchy songs. It's so amazing to watch that spark and then fan the fires. I only wish Kindergarten would catch up to my ladies. Way to go A & B!

Mrs FF said...

The girls definitely do look proud and I'm sure his mama is very proud too! Go A! Go B

Ps; I've never read any of the books in this series, have to look for it!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

How exciting! Way to go A & B!!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Way to go, big girls!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I've never heard of those books - must be an American thing?

But I love getting them a new book to celebrate!

YAY A and B!

Heather Wilson said...

Very sweet! The boys still have a lot of work to do on being able to read, but I know they are younger Kindergarteners, so I'm not sweating that either.

BTW, our boys do love Pete the Cat books. When I have a rough day, I tell them I want to read the cool sunglasses one. Do you know that one?