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September 10, 2014

Kindergarten, To Date

The girls have been in school a full month now, and they are having a great time.  I’m disappointed with myself for not having written down the details sooner, but I am going to try to hit the highlights…

The first day of school, the girls came barreling towards me in the pick-up line, Baby A, in particular.  We got home and had a smoothie, and they couldn’t wait to snuggle with their babies.  Those first few days, in particular, I got lots and lots of snuggle time.  The girls just wanted to cuddle with me and read…and that was fine by me!

The second day of school, Baby A came home with their class “pet”, Thomas the Tiger.  We took him out for ice cream after school, and the girls were excited to read to him at home.  In addition to that big treat, Baby A was ecstatic to bring home a “Reading Award” plaque.  She got it for knowing all her letters.

A few days later, Baby B brought home her own “Reading Award” plaque, so now we have a matching set on the bookcase.  She also got to bring home her class “pet”, Rowdy the Dog.

I love hearing the girls talk about these class “pets” like they have real personalities.  It’s a different approach they take than with their own stuffed babies, pretending Thomas and Rowdy do all sorts of things by themselves.

The girls each made friends right away.  Baby A talks most often about her friend M, and Baby B, about her friend L.  The first full week of school, Baby B brought home a “bracelet” that L made her…a scribbly piece of paper she wrapped around her arm.  A brought home artwork at some point, and they’ve each made artwork in return.

We had major excitement when the classes read The Gingerbread Man.  The girls were thrilled to talk about the gingerbread man they made that RAN AWAY!!!  Fortunately, the principal found him and brought him back to their class…and then they got to enjoy gingerbread cookies.

We had the girls’ first school program last week.  We were due at the school at 6:00 for the students to present the “Seven Habits” of their school culture.  They were SUPER excited for us all to be there.  They were such big kids, sitting with their class on the floor of the gym, facing a huge audience of parents.  They did a great job singing their songs when it was their time, and sitting still while the other classes performed.

The girls are learning new songs and having new adventures.  They love to tell us about the happenings at school over supper every night.  We know all about the safety drills they’ve done…about how to walk down the hall without making a sound…about the dances they do in PE…about the artwork they do in art…and about the instruments they see in music.

It’s doubly neat that the girls are experiencing some different things in their homeroom classes.  They listen intently to each other’s descriptions, too.

I miss spending time with my baby girls during the week so much it hurts…but it does make it a tiny bit easier to know they’re having a great time…that they’re in great hands…at school.


Yetunde U said...

Love this update as I'm preparing for my turn next year. I think having different circles of friends is a strong reason to put them in different classes

Marcia (123 blog) said...

sooooo precious but you're making me sad with how your heart hurts!

I just block it out! Then again, you've been at home a million times longer than I was.


Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

So glad to hear they are having such a great experience... was there ever any doubt? :) Their teachers are so lucky!

Hope you are enjoying your job, too! I miss getting the frequent updates here... so glad we have facebook.

Barbara Manatee said...

What big girls!! I'm so glad they're enjoying Kdg so much! Adam's loving it, too! He's so excited to go each day and loves to share what he's done, too. He loves riding the bus, being with his siblings (they have recess at the same time) and loves his teacher!

Yeah for new beginnings and blessings for our babes!

Mrs FF said...

How did I miss this update? Guess life's been too busy in this part!

Wonderful updates and I'm happy to read try are enjoying it and making friends

Mrs FF said...

They are enjoying it not try are enjoying it?

Hope work is going well too