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May 5, 2014

New Orleans...The Big Easy!!! {PART I}

I could kick myself for not blogging this sooner...but what better way to memorialize my 1000TH POST (!!!) than with pictures from one of our favorite trips???

When we arrived in New Orleans on Sunday afternoon, we checked into the hotel and made a beeline for our traditional first stop, Acme Oyster House.  The girls didn't get to sample any of our raw oysters, but they were excited to see them in their shells.  The girls chowed down on crab claws, and then made themselves at home with some crawfish etouffee.

Nothing fancy...but oh, so good!!!

Following our early dinner, we made our way to the Mighty Mississippi.  The girls loved looking at all the boats...and all the interesting people, too!

My jewels of the Mississippi!

And the perfect ending to our day was the girls' introduction to Cafe du Monde.  They'd been looking forward to that for a long, long time...and the beignets did not disappoint!

Baby A, checking out the scene while our table was cleaned.

Behold!  Our sugar-laden feast!

B shows her approval!

A rare family one of our favorite places, to boot!

The girls got paper hats, and I will always remember the walk back to the hotel...

...they were quite the attraction in their pigtails, powdered sugar-smudged faces, and Cafe du Monde hats!

The next morning, we found an excellent cafe for breakfast, and then headed to the aquarium.

Waiting on the aquarium to this picture!
The penguins are always a favorite!

After the aquarium, we headed just outside the French Quarter for lunch at Mother's.  B wasn't feeling super well, but we still had a nice lunch...more etouffee for the girlies, a poboy for Hubby and me...capped off with some bread pudding for dessert.

That afternoon we all enjoyed a LONG (and much needed!) family nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we headed to Jackson Square for some milling around.

Feeling better!

Walking through Jackson Square

Mommy and her babies!
 The girls found this little pathway through an enormous section of monkey grass.  They got quite the workout, back and forth, back and forth!

Here comes B, with A in the background...finding a "treasure", no doubt.
 Quintessential New Orleans!  A view from Jackson's Square!

We found a gelato shop, which was the perfect afternoon treat!

This kid enjoys every single drop!
The girls were a little preoccupied by watching some dogs on a nearby balcony. :)
After our refreshments, we headed to the French Market to mill around some more.  Of course we had to try on some hats!  (I wish now I'd bought one for myself!)

B thought it was GREAT fun!

Where is Baby A hiding??!!!

We walked around a little more...
Love this scene, with Jackson Square in the background!

Such a pretty A couldn't resist touching the lion!  (I don't think she actually knocked...hope not, anyway!)

We rounded out Day 2 with dinner at another favorite, the Gumbo Shop.  The girls split a catfish dish, over a bed of creamed spinach with hollandaise.  (I write that down, because they loved it so much!)

We even scored a table in the courtyard!
Looking back on these pictures makes me hungry...for great food, and for new adventures!  L-O-V-E!!!


Yetunde U said...

Hungry and sighing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics

Anonymous said...

Mandy the girls are looking so grown up! What beautiful pictures! Looks like a really beautiful trip! :)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

OHHH I love ALL the photos but my absolute favourite is that AMAZING DOOR!!!!!

After the one you took, I would have got one just of the door to drool over afterwards :)

So were those beignets as good as everyone makes out? More to the point, I only count 3 plates!!!