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May 31, 2014

A Challenging Day, Then a Good Day, and Integrity

Thursday was a challenging day.  

There were lots of good things about it…like the girls working together to build a block tower almost taller than they are…like them surprising me by making MY bed! having our friends bike over to our house and playing outside together for most of the morning…like snuggling on the couch, reaching Little House in the Big Woods…like all four of us playing Monkey in the Middle in the basement…but there were a couple of huge challenges, too.

Although the girls’ “no bikes” punishment carried over through Friday, I wanted to start Friday off on a very different note than on which Thursday ended.

The girlies got up, and I surprised them by taking the three of us out to breakfast.  Going out to breakfast is a huge treat…and the three of us have only gone together (without Daddy) once before.  The girls chose to go to JD’s, a downtown bakery/café that we hadn’t been to in quite a while…a place that has farm-fresh milk and eggs and THE BEST pancakes.  We each had a super-yummy pecan pancake and truly ahhh-mazing bacon.  Bliss!

After breakfast, I further surprised the girls with a trip to the park, “the park with the wiggly chain things,” that my A had requested just a few days before.  We had the park to ourselves! 

Before we went to the playground, though, both girls wanted to go to the little soccer field “to run”…and run, they did!  We played a little bit of tag, and then A suggested we take turns sprinting across the field (???).  The funny thing was that A went, then B, and then A wanted to go again before she allowed me to take a turn.

We hit the playground for a while, and then headed home…sweaty, but invigorated.

The girls played SO WELL when we got home from the park.  They spent most of the rest of their morning upstairs.  When I went up to join them, they had a “store” set up, and Baby A wowed me with her ability to count change.  (Seriously!!!) 

After lunch, the girls cleaned up the den, and then we settled for some Little House in the Big Woods.  I left them for a few minutes to get ready for a work meeting, and they prepared for their beloved Miss Jenny to come over – the first time since she left for a semester away in January!

It was such a fantastic day with my baby girls…just what I had hoped for after the challenges of the prior day.

And when I got home from my meeting, just before supper, I could not have been more proud to hear what Hubby had to tell me.  When he got home, he offered – as usual – for the girls to ride their bikes.  He told me how Baby A ponied up, “I don’t think Mommy wants us to ride our bikes today.”

What integrity my baby girl exhibited.

A proud Mommy moment to cap off such a great day!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Oh I love that story EXCEPT I'm dying of curiosity - what happened with the bikes???

We had a tough week and just like you, Friday I also decided I am the adult, I set the tone. And we had a lovely day. (not surprisingly, it was after a really good supper with friends on Thurs!!!)

Mandy said...

Yes, yes! Pony up the details! We all need to secretly compare and gasp behind our screens!!

I'm still battling the downfall of nap, so we certainly have some HORRIFIC afternoon meltdowns. Recently though, they've been really fun and it's nice to stay active all day. Our Friday was adventure packed, but Monday and Tuesday became bike free days for one little lady after a no-nap, heat induced meltdown. My heart broke a little for her as she watched her sister ride off, but her tantrum back into the house [which made me lose my pants] helped me focus and buckle down on this behavior. Lol!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

You know you are doing it right when something like that happens! Good job. Even the best kids have bad days. I have to tell myself that sometimes… and that they are only 5. Because they are so good sometimes, I think we have overly high expectations. :) Luckily, most days, they live up to those high expectations.

Mrs FF said...

Yes M. Now we are all curious.

You are doing something right. And I'm glad they are learning.