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March 15, 2014

The Perfect Snowy Day

(That’s the closing line to one of our favorite Curious George stories…where he has lots of snowy fun, and comes home to a big mug of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket on the couch.  It always makes me sigh contentedly to read that last line.)

A couple of weeks ago, we finally had quite a bit of winter accumulation, although it wasn’t your standard variety snow.  Instead, we got about three inches of frozen sleet = ICE, and then a couple of inches of silky, powdery snow on top of that.

The girls and I went out to play in it on Day 1, Monday, after it fell Sunday night.  The girls had fun with their sand pails and shovels, although it was an odd sensation, scooping up just the top layer of snow, as the ice underneath was packed tight.  

I reeeeally wanted to sled, like the neighborhood kids, but – alas – our sleds were still at the old house.  I asked Daddy to get us a lid from a plastic storage bin, hoping that might do the trick…but it definitely did not work well.  Still I got a handful of super-cute pictures of us trying to sled.

Trying...and giggling!

She decided to lie down on the "sled"...she wasn't going anywhere, but she was cute!

All in all, it was a fun adventure, although it didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by with us holed up warm and dry in the house.  By Thursday, temperatures warmed above freezing, and the glorious sun came out.  FINALLY we felt safe to attempt a trip to town.

We enjoyed a wonderful family lunch at the Thai restaurant, and we were far too excited about going grocery shopping to restock on fresh fruit.  Afterwards, Daddy suggested we run by the old house to pick up our sleds, thinking we might still have some sledding time to log.

And was that the best idea ever?!!!

Temperatures were relatively decent, and the top layer of snow wasn’t quite as powdery as it had been.  I simultaneously put away groceries while getting the girls dressed for the snow.  In the meantime, Hubby scouted out the best hills behind our house.

Daddy did the first trial run, followed by Mommy, and then the girls were OFF!

Ultimately, Daddy positioned himself at the bottom of the hill (as there are large rocks covering a drainage area).  My job was to get kiddos situated on sleds at the top of the hill, and give them a swift push.

The girls didn’t have a moment of hesitation at flying down the slick, steep hill.  In fact, they were GIDDY!  And so were WE!  It was SO much fun to watch our girlies have SO MUCH FUN!  They squealed all the way down every hill, and then huffed and puffed to climb up the hill to do it all again.  Well…Baby B didn’t always make it up the hill.  Many times she got halfway up, sat down again on her sled, and squealed for the shortened ride to the bottom.  Hee hee!

(And one of my favorite memories will be how much fun Hubby had.  He gushed for days about how much joy he got from seeing the girls sled.)

I took video of sledding, so this is one of the only pictures I have from the day.  You can see how invigorated Hubby is!

After an hour or so of bliss, we were all soaked.  I took the girls in to change, and sent them back out to make a snowman with Daddy.  Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t the right texture, so that little adventure will have to wait for next time.

We came in to enjoy mugs of steaming homemade hot chocolate, followed by a bubble bath.

While our day didn’t exactly mirror Curious George’s, it was definitely the perfect snowy day in my book.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Our children were MOANING (!) yesterday - "WHY DON'T WE GET ANY SNOW?"

Because we live in Africa, Babies :)

(I did say other people would KILL to have our weather #jhbhasthebestweatherintheworld) :)

So I won't even show them these pics to make them even more jealous.

I just love those hats, Mandy! SO darn cute!!!!

Mrs FF said...

How did you get J to join in the fun. I remember you blogged a while back about him noy liking snow I think.

You definitely all had so much fun. Any more snow for you before spring springs in

Kimber said...

So sweet!!!! Looks like everyone had tons of fun!!

We were supposed to get snow a couple weeks ago. Instead we got ice! The boys were so sad to have no snow and ice everywhere. Thankfully my mom had bought us this neat indoor snowball fight kit and our boys played with that in our living room for hours! :) It's all about making your own fun! (Here is the link to the indoor snowball fight:

cat said...

Oh boy - that looks like such great fun! And how perfect was the day.

Katelyn said...

I am so glad that this winter my girls actually wanted to play outside in the snow and that we had snow! It was so much more fun. Although, we've still never taken them sledding! Glad you had a great time.