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March 23, 2014

Sleeping "In"!!!

I can’t even begin to complain.   

KNOCK ON WOOD (as I do each and every time I mention the girls’ sleep habits), my babies have been excellent sleepers from very early on.  Over the past year or so, bedtime has gotten even earlier…usually around 6:30pm!...but they are up BRIGHT and EARLY – religiously – at 6:30am.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Occasionally, Baby A will sleep past her “OK to Wake” clock turning green at 6:30.  I don’t think Baby B has missed the mark more than a handful of times in her tenure, though.

Still, I had the idea to try the girls “sleeping in” after the time change.  They are SO tired at bedtime…and I can’t imagine them going to bed any earlier than 6:30!  I adjusted their clock to a 7am wake-up. 

KNOCK ON WOOD AGAIN…so far, so good!

Baby B is excited to get up, as usual, and Baby A is still all snuggly under the covers.  I can’t tell the extra sleep is affecting them one way or the other, which is a great thing.

The change is affecting this mama, though.  I can’t say how luxurious it feels to have that extra 30 minutes in the mornings!!! 

Unfortunately, during the week, the girls sleeping in until 7 means they miss seeing their daddy before he goes to work.  But the extra 30 minutes gives me more time to make lunches, if need be…or shower AND dry my hair…or just chill out before the chaos of the day begins.  And a few times I’ve slept until shortly before 7 myself…the latest I’ve slept in YEARS!

On school days, we do find ourselves rushing just a bit more than usual…but the countertop-height barstools in our new house mean that the girls can safely sit and watch me cook breakfast, which substitutes for our usual snuggles / book-reading in the morning.

It’s pretty awesome what a difference just 30 minutes can make!

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cat said...

Oh I would totally adore another 30 minutes or so in the morning