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March 2, 2014

Celebrating Mommy's Birthday

My birthday was last Sunday, and the girls were so very sweet in helping me celebrate all day long.

I stayed in bed for an extra minute or two, and they came bounding down the stairs and pounced on my bed to tell me HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

It was a big surprise when I got up to find that Daddy had gotten up super-duper early to get donuts for us.  Before we could dig in, though, the girls insisted I open my birthday present.  Daddy had gotten me a long-awaited family-size waffle iron, and the girls made the sweetest cards.

Several times during the day...before breakfast, before lunch, before birthday cake, and then again before dinner...I saw Baby A whispering in Hubby's ear.  Each time they conspired to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.  And the sweetest part was how much joy the girls got from doing so.

The best part of the day was when the girls helped me make my favorite chocolate chip cookie pizza for my birthday dessert.

I took quite a few pictures, but this one just cracks me up!

And after we mixed the dough, we had to pat it into the pan.  (I didn't even get hive with how messy their hands got!)

It had been a beautiful day on Saturday, and Sunday opened up, looking much the same.  I told the girls we'd go to the park to play that afternoon.  Unfortunately, we got tricked!  By Sunday afternoon, it turned cloudy and windy and COLD.  We only braved the park for about 20 minutes...but at least we decided to treat ourselves to an impromptu dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  The girls thought it was grand that I was serenaded, AND that we got a yummy flan dessert.

And I just have to capture what Baby A was working on for me.  Several days before my birthday, she was working at the table, asking me how to spell different words.  I answered her without too much thought as to what she was doing.  Later that day she presented me with this list...a list of things she wanted to go shopping with Daddy to buy me for my birthday.

As my birthday approached, she kept showing the list to Hubby, saying they needed to go shopping.  Hahaha!  Gotta love her thoughtfulness!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!  So thankful to have celebrated it with my baby girls and their daddy!


Marcia Francois said...


Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Mandy :)

Double the Giggles said...

Happy belated Birthday, Mandy!Impromptu Mexican food is the best kind! And nothing like a birthday serende (from a mariachi band, I assume? I always request Volver, Volver - LOVE that song!) Love A's gift list for you! Can you imagine if you actually got all those goodies?! I'd be all about the jelly beans, socks and shoes, but might just have to re-gift that broccoli!

Mrs FF said...

Love A's list, very thoughtful

cat said...

Happy happy belated Bday! Glad it was a great one. I need that pizza recipe please!