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February 14, 2014

Our Annual Snow Pictures!

We had the most beautiful snow about three years ago, when the girls were just more than two.  It was about 5" deep, and perfect for playing.

With the girls being so little, though, we didn't spend too much time outside.  In particular, I was afraid for their hands.  We only had fleece mittens, and I knew those would soak through very quickly.

Still, I managed to take some of my very favorite pictures.

Each year since, I've been focused on taking more snow pictures.  We've had snow (and/or ice) each year, but it hasn't been that beautiful powder that's perfect for play.

Last year, I finally took the girls outside for our last snow, on March 1.  It barely covered the ground, but we still had fun with our white backdrop.

This weekend, we had a gorgeous snowfall, albeit a small one.  There was barely more than a dusting on the grass, but we had close to 2" on our driveway.  The girls were thrilled to finally get to play...and to wear the ski gloves I bought them a couple of years ago.  And you'd better believe I took plenty of snow pictures.

B was proud of her "snowball"!
B, triumphantly tossing up snow.

A, tossing up snow...although she did NOT like when it came down in her face!

There was a whole lot of tromping and scooping going on!

I asked the girls if they wanted to build a snowman, and they were thrilled at the prospect.  The snow was incredibly powdery, though, so it really wasn't conducive to anything more than a snowman head.  Hee hee!  The girls didn't mind a bit, though!

Here's A, starting to craft her "snowman".

And here he is, complete with a baby carrot for a nose and raisins for his eyes and mouth.

I called for Daddy to come join us for a few minutes.  He didn't venture beyond the garage, but he did grab the camera long enough to snap a picture of the three of us.

Oh, how this mommy loves her little snowbabies!!!


Mrs FF said...


Ha ha ha daddy doesn't like the cold! Here it's been blazing hot though we had rain yesterday which provided some respite

cat said...

Just lovely! Beautiful shots

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the photo of the three of you in the snow. Does J not like snow at all? Maybe he's tired of it from where he was born? (? my memory's shot!)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

You guys are precious. Love the hats!