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February 9, 2014

A Sentence Only a Mother Could Love

The girls have been pre-reading for a very long time.  Of course I'm speaking in mommy terms...I'm not educated in the science of teaching reading...but that's how I would best describe their skill set.  

They've known all their letters since they were just more than two, and it wasn't very long after that they learned the sounds all the letters make.

They have been able to write their letters since they were just more than three, and they love-love-love to ask how to spell words so they can write them down.

They have memorized a decent list of how to spell certain words, including their names, the names of our immediate family and our cats, and a handful of other words that are important to them, like love and cat and pizza.  [That they know how to spell pizza cracks me up.]

If they ask how to spell something, I can sound it out very carefully, and they can write it down with a decent degree of accuracy.

The girls have a lot of fun with all these skills, and I've continued to let them lead their learning.  Of course I am anxious for them to fully learn to read...but I hope it's just a matter of time.

This week I was so very surprised when B came to show me the note she wrote.  The girls had been playing with Post-It notes for quite a while, writing little notes back and forth to each other and to me.  Most of them said something like, "[Baby A] loves Mommy so much!" or "[Baby B] and [Baby A] love Sasha."

At first I thought B had just scribbled a bunch of letters...until she read it to me.  It says, "I am only available between two to twelve."

I'd been on the phone for a while that morning, trying to schedule a service appointment for our microwave.  She'd heard me say that I would be available after two, so that's what drove the content of the note, I'm sure.

I most love the spelling of "available" as EVEBUL.  I thought that was pretty good!!!

This may just be chicken scratch to the average person, but to this mama, this is a pretty amazing sentence.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

aaah, adorable - they listen to everything, don't they?

Aunesty said...

I love this!!! So cute and that's a pretty advance sentence!

yetunde said...

*heart melts*

This is one that should take up residence in your wallet.

BTW, how are you finding getting back to PT work?

Sadia said...

When did they get so big!?

Mrs FF said...

So cool!!!! You have some budding writers on your hands