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January 16, 2018

ROLL TIDE, Babies!

My BEST WEEK EVER post omitted a rather huge piece of goodness...but I decided to save this for a post unto itself.

The University of Alabama won its 17th NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP last week!!!

The program has quite a history, but prior to 2009, our last championship was in 1992, when I was in 10th grade!  The girls don't have any sense for such a drought, though, as Bama has won FIVE championships in their short lifetime!

You may know it wasn't difficult to find pictures of the girls in their crimson best from each championship year.  What a fun look back at our pride and joy!





And this last comparison to the BABIES in those gets me, y'all...

(I'll go ahead and admit that the girls wouldn't necessarily have included Bama's win in their Best Week Ever list.  When B got up on Tuesday morning after the big game, I told her I had great news.  "It SNOWED??!!!" she asked.  Oh, well...they can sing the fight song and they excitedly wear that glorious crimson with the best of them.  I guess I'll take it.)


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