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January 17, 2018


This is a post the girls will probably frown upon when they're a bit older...but it's one I really want to write in hopes of remembering this one day.


The girls aren't always big fans of showers. 

(I can't begin to understand this.  I know they don't like the interruption from their books...or from hanging out with the cats...whatever...but showers are one of the very favorite parts of this mama's day!!!)

A couple of weeks ago, I told the girls it was time for a shower, and they headed that way somewhat reluctantly.  While I gathered towels and PJs, they got a head start.  Before I knew it, they were giggling and having a big time.

I overhead a cry of "Back wash!"  I was at first somewhat concerned, until I saw what they were doing.

When I joined them, they informed me they had agreed to wash each others' backs.

(One day, when they're older, they'll understand the *other* meaning of 'back wash' and know why this was so funny!)

OK.  Have at it!

B apparently had done her job already.  "Are you guys ready to get out?" I asked.

NO!!! They decried in unison.  "Sissy still has to wash my back!" B exclaimed.

I wish I had a video.  My A soaped up B's washcloth and washed B's back like it was her JOB.  I couldn't help but cackle.  She took that job so seriously.  "It's like you're washing the side of a car!" I couldn't help but comment.

Of course that devolved everyone into a fit of giggles.

Fun times!  And if 'back wash' helps give the girls a little more pep towards the shower...I'm all for a good scrubbing!

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Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

I love it! My girls are also in the shower avoidance camp but they have fun when they actually get in there.

Also, happy belated birthday to A and B! 9 years?! Can you believe it?! Great job, Mama! Xo