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February 5, 2017

Christmas Fun!

Christmas Day was full of family and fun.  Ahead of our traditional Christmas tree-shaped fruit tart, we went ahead and let the girls open their stockings.

They were excited to get "real" yo-yos.  They've had a handful of yo-yos here and there, but never ones that were very stable.  These held much more promise...and it didn't take any time for the girls to master least far beyond any skills their mommy ever dreamed of.

In addition to their yo-yos, the girls got balsa wood airplanes, a little wooden fish craft kit, some sweets...and...MUCH to their surprise: WALKIE-TALKIES!!!  They were giddy!!!

Our precious girls were as tickled as anything to give us the goodies they'd made.  The very best gifts of all were the heartfelt notes they wrote, proclaiming why Mommy is the best mommy ever...Daddy is the best daddy ever...Miki and Alex are the best black kitties.  What precious hearts these girls have!

The girls got some plenty of books, and their *big* gift was a fort building kit.  We made a fort right away in the den.  Draped with a couple of sheets, it made the perfect place for them to cuddle their walkie-talkies and read their new books.

We experimented the day after Christmas with building a tent-shaped fort.  It's super cool (for all of us!)!

And Christmas morning was made all the better by seeing our fur babies enjoy the hoopla.  They enjoyed their new toys, of course...but equally as much, they enjoyed the stockings and wrapping paper.

Miki on his stocking :)

Alex with his new monkey :)
A Merry Christmas was had by all!

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Mrs FF said...

Happiness.... I love practical gifts. I'm still on the hunt for a good yoyo... or maybe I just need lessons. K wasn't fussed about Christmas presents she didn't understand why she was getting presents when it wasn't her birthday so she sang happy birthday to herself to justify the presents :) :)